[3.6] Ivonbeton's Winter Orb Elementalist - Cheap and Effective for all content/ 3:30min Uber Elder

When you go with a Lightning Golem in your Malachai's Artifice ring, how do you keep the thing from dying all the time, or at least whenever its presence would be really helpful i.e. tough fights?
This build is discontinued. The repeated nerfs to Winter Orb and ultimately to Warlord's Mark really broke it. You can still make it work for general map clear by simply respeccing into full life and picking up an amulet with cold leech pr picking up Paragon of Calamity. You could also try Energy leech support and infused Channeling support.

Overall, it's not worth it though. They nerfed Winter Orb and Elementalist so hard that it's hardly worth it. The DPS on my character is now 30% of what it used to be and it has 2K less EHP, less survivability and so on.

So until GGG decides to buff Winter Orb or buff selfcasting without nerfing it right after, this build is discontinued. Cheers to everyone who tried it though!
Last edited by Ivonbeton on Aug 1, 2019, 11:07:59 AM

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