[3.6] Ivonbeton's Winter Orb Elementalist - Cheap and Effective for all content/ 3:30min Uber Elder

---------- Important notice for 3.6 ----------

Infused Channeling support has been added! This is a really strong gem and probably will make the build even stronger! You can switch out any support gem for this new one except for Greater Multiple Projectiles. I've updated the guide and took out Hypothermia/Added Cold and replaced it with Infused Channelling. You can still use either Hypothermia or Added Cold instead of Concentrated Effect if you'd like. It all depends on your preference. I've also updated the pastebin link to the new tree.

Also, Elemental Overload has been changed. It's not as easy to get it going these days. I would slot a Storm Brand linked to Cast When Damage Taken, Increased Critical Strikes and Immortal Call. You drop Vortex and Increased Duration.



Hey everyone! I started the Betrayal league with the new Winter Orb skill. There weren't really any guides available, so I decided to make my own build. I took some hints here and there and had to do a lot of trial and error, but I believe that I've made a cheap leaguestarter that can scale into endgame! The only thing I'm not sure of is how deep it can delve. I don't delve all that much, but getting past 300 was easy. So I reckon it can get anywhere between 300 and 600.

While there are currently some great guides available, some still doubt the potential of the skill. I'm here to show you that it actually works surprisingly well in most endgame encounters. While my gear right now is worth quite a bit, it's still extremely cheap compared to most Uber Elder farmer builds and I've done deathless Uber Elders with a budget of 3 exalts or less. Right now, I usually kill him after 3minutes and 30 seconds.

So let's begin!


Sorry about the potato quality. I'm not sure why they came out that way.

-Video Guide
-Burial Chambers t16
-Uber Elder
-Shaper Guardians
-Uber Elder Guardians

Pro's and Con's

+Great and Cheap leaguestarter
+Still scales with more investment
+Fast map clear
+Very safe to use due to the mechanics of Winter Orb
+Very versatile when it comes to build choices
+Hardcore viable due to Mind over Matter and the ability to freeze enemies
+Herald of Ice 'Splosions are extremely satisfying

-Winter Orb targets randomly which can be a pain to deal with
-Uber Atziri is very frustrating with this build unless pick up the Paragon of Calamity ascendency
-Can't handle Elemental Reflect and struggles a bit with Elemental Resistance map mods

Passive Tree

Passive priorities
This is my tree at level 95
This is the pastebin to my build

You should first focus on the left side of the tree. Get Elemental Overload. Next, you go straight to Light of Divinity and Holy Dominion At this point it's entirely up to you wether you pick up Mind over Matter. I'd advise against it. It's best picked up once you get your leech going through Warlord's Mark - see the gems section.

The next step is to work towards Phase Acrobatics. Do make sure to pick up some damage and life nodes along the way, depending on what you need at that point in time. Once you've reached this point, you should fill out the right side of the tree first, then the middle and finally the left side. You can go towards Constitution much earlier if you feel like you need the life.


You should end up with Mastermind of Discord and Beacon of Ruin. Whichever you take first entirely depends on what you prefer. I'd say that ideally you'd first take up Shaper of Desolation and then move towards Beacon of Ruin. You can also go to Mastermind of Discord first, but I would only suggest doing that if you intend on using Herald of Ice with Warlord's Mark prior to finishing your Uber Labyrinth. This is certainly an option as discussed during the gem section of the guide.

It's also important to note that you can respec towards Paragon of Calamity if you intend on doing Uber Atziri. This will make you immune to Elemental Reflect. It's not ideal, but it does make the fight a lot less frustrating. I wouldn't advise farming Atziri without it.


Kill all for the two passive points.


Gearing choices
I've covered this part in debt in my video. You should check it out if you are looking for more information. I'll quickly go over some of the most important options. The most important part is that you want to get your gem levels as high as possible. You also want 80% maximum cold resist if you intend on doing Uber Elder.

The easiest and cheapest way to get your gem levels up is through a corrupted Tabula Rasa. These can acquire the corruption to either give you +2 to socketed AoE gems or +1 to gems. The other option is to get a Skin of the Loyal with the +2 to socketed Aoe gems corruption. With these chest options, you can use a wand in combination with Kaltenhalt, a buckler which gives you 80% max cold resist.

The second option is to get a 6L staff with +2 to socketed Cold gems preferably combined with a +1 to socketed gems. You don't need both, but it's ideal. You'll obviously also want some damage rolls on there. You'll want to use a Loreweave with 80% to max resist when using this setup. You can then slot your phase run, righteous fire and flame dash into it, while your Winter Orb is slotted into your 6L staff. Look below for stat priorities and even further below for gem links.

The rest of the setup is self-explanatory. There's one more thing of note though. You'd ideally want an Elder Ring with Warlord's Mark on Hit. The higher the better. These aren't easy to get though. So look towards the video and the gem section for more information on how to work around this early on. There's also the option of using an amulet with cold damage leech. These can be acquired relatively cheaply. You'll also see me use Malachai's Artifice as my second ring. This is entirely optional. I also use Kaom's Roots when doing Uber Elder. This requires you to switch around your gem setup, check the video for more information.

Stat Priorities

Defense: Life = Resist > Mana > Evasion = Energy Shield > Armour
Offense : Flat Cold Damage to spells > Spell damage = Elemental damage = Cold damage

Spell penetration isn't easy to calculate. You already get a lot from your cold penetration gem, Mastermind of Discord and Frostbomb. So it's really not an important stat to get. It's also not that easy to get. So I wouldn't worry about it too much. Now ideally you'd also want a non-chaos damage to extra chaos damage roll. However, it's not worth gimping the rest of your stats for this. It's a big damage boost though, so it's worth pursuing if you can get it with all the right damage modifiers next to it.


I use a Life Flask of Staunching, a Mana Flask of Heat, a Quicksilver of Warding and Atziri's Promise. I'm also using an extra Life Flask of Heat, but that's overkill. You should get a Dying Sun for bossing or a second Quicksilver for mapping

How to find the right gear

While this obviously depends on the gearing choices you've made, I'll go over some tips and tricks on how to find the right gear. Keep in mind that your priority still is to get your gem levels as high as possible, get 80% max resist when doing Uber Elder and to have some form of leech. The leech can be either be gained through using Warlord's Mark - either on your ring or slotted as a gem -, or through an amulet with the "% Cold Damage Leeched as Life modifier. The amulet option won't let you leech mana though, which is a bit of an issue for this build. I won't discuss the Loreweave and staff combination here, but keep in mind that this is certainly a good option!


Your first priority should be to get a lot of life and resists. The base doesn't really matter all that much, but I personally prefer some extra evasion or armour. When you have those fixed you can start looking for an item that also has a lot of mana and maybe even reduced mana reserved on it.

You've got all of this and still want an upgrade? Look for a helmet with life, resists, mana and the Cold Damage to Spells or the Nearby Enemies have -#% to Cold Resistance modifier. The first one you can find on Shaper helmets and the second one can be gained through fossil crafting. Don't be afraid to try your hand at crafting! You might get lucky! You don't need the mana if you feel like you have enough survivability and could use some more damage.

The most expensive upgrade you could get is a good helmet with the +2 to Winter Orb Stages enchantment from Uber Lab. These are very difficult to get, so this shouldn't be your priority unless you have a lot of currency to spare. Check out my gear for an example of such a helmet. Keep in mind that this helmet was 10 exalts and I feel like I robbed the person I bought it from.


Like I've mentioned before, you'd ideally want a Skin of the Loyal or a Tabula Rasa with the +1 to socketed gems and/or +2 to socketed AoE gems corruptions. However, you can start your adventure by using a regular Tabula Rasa or a 6L rare with life, resists and mana. You could also try to get an uncorrupted Skin of the Loyal or go for the Rare staff and Loreweave combination instead.


There aren't a lot of spell damage modifiers for rare gloves. You'll want to start of with gloves that give you a lot of life, resists and preferably also mana. You'd ideally want this on a Fingerless Gloves base, but it's not required.

The next step in your gearing proces is to get Cold Damage to Spells or an Abyssal Socket on there. The first option is cheaper and easier to get, but the second one is probably stronger. It's really difficult to get it right though. So you might have to fossil craft a lot before you actually land something to your liking.


You should prioritize high life and resists. Your next priority should be eithermana or movement speed. These shouldn't be difficult to get.

The best way to get some increased damage on your boots is to farm Merciless Lab for the Added Cold Damage after being hit enchant. The next best thing would be the Elemental Penetration enchant.


Again, you should start with prioritizing survivability such as life, resists and mana. You can get some very useful modifiers here though. You should look for Increased Spell Damage and Increased Cold damage. Phase Run requires a lot of dexterity, so you'd ideally want an amulet with a base that gives Dexterity.


You should focus on life and Increased Spell Damage. You can also look for some extra mana, resists and cast speed - this last one is mostly a quality of life upgrade. You could also take the non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage craft for some extra damage if you have the open Prefix.

Keep in mind that your resists will be different when doing Uber Elder due to switching to Kaltenhalt and Kaom's Roots, which is why I would avoid relying on your shield to fill in any resists except for Cold resist - which is featured on Kaltenhalt.


You want to again start out with making sure you have high life and the resist rolls you need. Now, the next step is making sure that your base is a Stygian Vise. These have an Abyssal Socket you can slot in an Abyssal Jewel. This will be a big damage boost.

The next priority is to get a Stygian Vise with all these stats and either a Increased Cold Damage or Increased Elemental Damage modifier. These can be gained through fossil crafting. Again, I'll provide some websites to aid you with your fossil crafting at the end of this section.

You can also look for a belt with an open prefix. Every rare can have 3 suffixes and 3 prefixes. So if you see an item with only two prefixes, you can also craft Increased Damage on it. This will cost you one exalt though, but it's a very solid option and the route I took.


This one is a bit more complicated. You should start with any rare ring that fills out your life and resists. Again, mana is also a good stat to have.

You then have to decide if you want to use Malachai's Artific or not. In case you don't want to use it, I'd suggest two Opal Rings with the aforementioned defensive statistics. You'd ideally also want to craft some Cold Damage on them. Just make sure it's not the Cold Damage to Attacks craft, that's useless to this build.

When using two regular Opal Rings, you'll have to make sure to slot Warlord's Mark
together with either Cast When Damage Taken or with Herald of Thunder. You could also use one regular Opal Ring in combination with any Elder basedrare ring that has Warlord's Mark on hit.

The option I went with was using Malachai's Artific early on, with either a Lightning Golem or a Flame Golem slotted in it, in combination with a regular Opal Ring. I switched out the Opal Ring for a ring with Warlord's Mark on hit once I managed to craft it.


This one can be a bit of a learning proces. You should check out some of the websites I'll link at the end of this section to know what kind of rolls are possible. You are looking for rolls such as Increased Spell Damage, Increased Elemental Damage, Increased Cold Damage and Added Cold Damage to Spells.

You can craft some great things onto wands, specifically as prefixes. That includes Added Cold Damage to Spells, which is a very strong stat for this build. So look for a wand with an open prefix or with a lot of Added Cold Damage to Spells.

Cast speed is also a nice roll to have, but it's mostly just quality of life and not mandatory. You can also try to find a wand that has all the aforementioned stats and also the non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage modifier. These aren't easy to get though. There's also a similar craft which is very popular right now, it's just not as good as the Adds Cold Damage to Spells. Atleast not for this build.


You want Jewels with %life, %mana and one or two damage modifiers. You can go for Increased Projectile Damage, Increased Damage, Increased Area Damage, Increased Cold Damage, Increased Spell Damage or Increased Spell Damage While Holding a Shield. Anything that's available. There are a lot of guides out there on how to find the right Jewels, so look to those in case you don't know how to do this.

Your Abyssal Jewel for your Stygian Vise should have a Cold Damage to Spells roll, a Cold Damage to Spells while Holding a Shield roll and a life roll. Don't be afraid to take a lower life roll in favour of a higher damage roll.

That's about all there is to it. I went with a more explanatory model instead of simply listing the stat priorities. You can check the previous section of the guide for a simple list of stat priorities.

Here are some links to help you navigate items in Path of Exile :

Poeaffix - It's not entirely up to date, but still very useful
PoEDB Chronicles - Very useful for fossil crafting
Poecraft - a great crafting simulator

Skill Gems


You should level with Freezing Pulse until you can get Winter Orb!
The following support gems are all in order of importance!

6L :

Winter Orb - Infused Channelling - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Cold Penetration

4L :

Herald of Ice - Enlighten - Ice Bite - Onslaught

4L :

Frost Bomb - Increased Duration - Unbound Ailments - Bonechill

4L :

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vortex

3L :

Phase Run - Increased Duration - Arcane Surge

2L :

Flame Dash - Faster Casting

1L :

Vaal Righteous Fire

1L :
Flame Golem or Lightning Golem ! only when using Malachai's Artifice

There are a few things of note here. First off, it's not easy early on to get a ring with Warlord's Mark on hit. What I did until I got one was replace the Vortex or Increased Duration within the Cast When Damage Taken setup with the curse gem Warlord's Mark. You can also use Herald of Thunder and link it with Warlord's Mark. This works surprisingly well and I've used it on my first few Uber Elder kills!

It's also important that you watch some of the gem levels. My Arcane Surge is at level 6 because that's exactly the level you need for it to proc after two uses of a level 20 Phase Run. The same is true when using Cast When Damage Taken and Immortal Call. You ideally want them to proc often and thus be low level. So make sure you don't overlevel your Warlord's Mark if you decide to slot them together.

Again, watch the Video Guide for some more in-depth information on gem choices! I also explain how I switch around my gems and items when doing Uber Elder



I use the twice upgraded Soul of the Brine King for mapping and the twice upgradedSoul of Lunaris for Uber Elder. My minor Pantheon is Soul of Ryslatha.

Endgame gear

That's about the gist of it! This took more effort than I anticipated, but I hope it's useful to someone. The wonderful thing about this build is that I'm fairly certain this will work just as good next league. The skill need some QoL changes, but it certainly doesn't deserve a nerf. They might tweak it a bit, but I'd sooner see it getting buffed than nerfed. I hope I didn't jinx it now.

So this will most likely be a great leaguestarter to take into endgame come next league! Thanks for reading and stay sane exiles.

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21/1/2019 :
I've added a section on how to acquire the right gear for those who need some advice there.
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Which ascendancy did you take?
Plaux wrote:
Which ascendancy did you take?

It's in the PoB, but I'll add it to the guide! I've made guides in different games, but this is my first Path of Exile. So I didn't know if I should add it :)
Well, it's also in the thread title, so... but doesn't hurt to put a short section on Ascendancies in the post, to explain priorities etc.
Plaux wrote:
Which ascendancy did you take?

its actually in the build. just check the switch below the starting node and there is a tab as well.
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I might expand the gearing section with some tips and tricks on how to find or craft the right gear. Right now, it assumes a good knowledge of gearing options. I didn't go over the basics, but I figured this might be useful for some newer players out there.

Let me know if this is of interest to anyone?
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Ivonbeton wrote:
I might expand the gearing section with some tips and tricks on how to find or craft the right gear. Right now, it assumes a good knowledge of gearing options. I didn't go over the basics, but I figured this might be useful for some newer players out there.

Let me know if this is of interest to anyone?

I would appreciate it ^^

I'm following your guide, and I consider it one of the best (Winter Orb)
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Pesgamer10 wrote:
Ivonbeton wrote:
I might expand the gearing section with some tips and tricks on how to find or craft the right gear. Right now, it assumes a good knowledge of gearing options. I didn't go over the basics, but I figured this might be useful for some newer players out there.

Let me know if this is of interest to anyone?

I would appreciate it ^^

I'm following your guide, and I consider it one of the best (Winter Orb)

Very happy to hear that you are enjoying the guide! I've added a section on how to prioritize and acquire the right gear :)
Can I use The Whispering Ice Vile Staff with your build ?

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