[3.5] Voidfletcher Ice Shot | Tornado Shot | Deadeye (deathless all bosses, depth 600+)


First of all, I want to thank the author of the original build - Shppy. Thanks to him, I learned about this wonderful build. I liked it so much - a combination of high damage, relatively small investments and fun gameplay!
Link to the original build:

And also say thanks to my friend Valk (kompisen1), who helped me overcome the language barrier : )

- Jan 16, 2019: Сreated the build
- Jan 19, 2019: Added info about jewels
- Jan 25, 2019: Added New video (Guardians)


+ damage (destroying all content in the game)
+ mapping speed (between medium and fast)
+ most key uniques are not expensive (bow, quiver, ring, unique jewels)
+ interesting, fun gameplay (but over time, the ears get tired of BOOM-BOOM LOL)
+ high survival rate, for archer (40 DS / 50 DA / 50+ Evade)
+ high scalability (many ways to increase the damage in the build after buying the main items)

- cannot do maps with elemental reflect
- cannot do maps with non-life/mana leech from monsters
- this is an archer, sometimes you will die from circumstances beyond your control


Use middle / long range for comfortable gameplay. Thanks to this we get a good survival rate (also, we need a good reaction time to press Blink Arrow) and additional damage from this distance (Far Shot in Ascendancy). Key aspects of our vitality - getting 5k hp and using the Vaal Pact. Regarding life - use the abyss Jewels with HP, at least 30, preferably 45+.


25 Points
50 Points
75 Points
90 lvl
100 lvl

Far Shot -> Endless munitions -> Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind
Far Shot and Endless munitions give us +1 arrow and damage from distance. Since distance is the archer's best friend, we cannot refuse this choice. In addition, the damage of the Voidfletcher increases from the number of arrows we produce - in general, there is no other way.
Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind. These points are responsible for our vitality, but also provide additional damage.

Our choice is to help Alira - we get what our build needs most (crit multi, resists).

This is my personal choice, you can use other gods:
Soul Of Solaris is a great choice for dealing with solitary targets and avoiding damage. Most of the deaths of our character will be from single target, therefore, the choice is very useful.
Soul Of Garukhan – additional evade + movement speed (good boost for mapping).

Helmet - first look for enchantments for the ice shot (cheap). Then change to TS +2 Additional Secondary Projectiles.
Boots – Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently OR Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently. They give roughly the same damage bonus, which is only effective on single-target.


I will not focus on the cost of the build – for some it is a lot, for others it is not enough, everyone decides for himself. I will describe my equipment and the price of which I purchased it (need to consider also the duration of the league by this point, equipment cost changes over time). I bought between first 2 and 5 weeks of the league, first indicated the initial, then updated versions of the items:

Starkonja’s Head (5-10 chaos) + Enchantment (7 EX)
This helmet will add to our survival, which is sometimes lacking in this build, as well as, we get an increase in damage. There is no alternative.

Watcher’s Eye – Flat Cold Damage (1 EX)
Cheap but very effective boost damage, purchase as early as possible.

Death’s Opus (10-20 chaos)
All that we need in one item. Much crit chance / crit multi + most important, 2 additional arrows. There is no alternative.

Mark Of The Elder (25-35 chaos)
We get increased life, flat cold + cold damage from the second Shaped ring. There is no alternative.

Hyrri’s Ire (30-40 chaos)
In this build, it is permissible to use Rare Elder Chest, with 120+ life, 8-10 increased life + 1%+ crit chance with attack and resists/craft increased life+mana. But still, I believe that Hyrri’s Ire combines everything at once, and therefore I use it.
This gives us a lot of damage (in the form of flat cold damage), as well as a lot of survival (almost 3k evasion + additional 10% chance to dodge attacks and spells).

Voidfletcher (15-25 chaos) + 1 Additional Arrow (5-8 EX)
One of the key build items, there are no alternatives.

The Pandemonius (4 EX)
One of the key build items, there are no alternatives.

Tombfist 1 Socket (15 chaos) + 2 Socket (5 EX)
One of the key build items, there are no alternatives.

Lioneye’s Fall (30-50 chaos) + Corrupted Blood Immune (4-5 EX)
One of the key build items, there are no alternatives.

Rare Ring (Shaped): Flat Cold, Life, Strength + Resists (1 EX) + New Ring, with Assassin’s Mark On Hit, Flat Cold, Life, Strength + Resists (7 EX)
This ring can help you in getting additional resists, life and later damage.

Rare Leather Belt 100+ life, triple resists (1 EX) + Stygian Vise 90+ life, triple resists (5 EX)

Rare Boots with life, movement speed and resists.

Abyss Jewels cost me 1-2 EX for each.

Two Life flasks
Quicksilver (Chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike (Good help on Uber Elder) AND 20%+ increased Movement Speed during Flask effect)
Dying Sun (scaling the number of arrows and damage in the area in our build is key, there are no alternatives)
Cinderswallow Urn (very powerful flask for mapping and delve - gives us a very high recovery rate of life, mana + extra high crit chance)



4L Hatred (20) + Herald Of Ice (20) + Assassin’s Mark (15) + Curse On Hit (8). When you get the curse ring, replace it with Hatred (20) + Herald Of Ice (20) + Ice Bite (20) + Enlighten (3-4) (3 levels will be enough. This is compensation for the increased amount of mana reserved).

4L Cast When Damage Taken (1) + Immortal Call (3) + Increased Duration (20) + Vaal Grace (20) (Specifically, Vaal version, to obtain a temporary increase in survival in difficult situations).

2L Blink Arrow (20) + Faster Attacks (20) (avoidance of fatal damage, bypassing traps in the lab, moving)

5-6L Tornado Shot (20) + Elemental Damage With Attacks (20) + Cold Penetration (20) + Added Cold (20) + Hypothermia (20) and Faster Attacks (20), when you get 6L. (single-target skill, TS is not required at first, but we will need it later + I use TS as main skill, it has more convenient gameplay for me, but without the TS enchantment of the helmet, it is better to use 6L Ice Shot)
If you only have one 6L I recommend using it with Ice Shot, after you get TS +2 enchant on helm you can switch to using TS only and replace Ice Shot completely or if you have 2 6L’s you can use Ice Shot once for mirage damage only, or use it for clearing maps if you prefer it (I almost never use Ice shot), but atleast use Tornado Shot for the bosses.

5-6L Ice Shot (20) + Elemental Damage With Attacks (20) + Mirage Archer (20) + Added Cold (20) + Bonechill (20) and Faster Attacks (20), when you get 6L. (This skill will be used as a basic for a long time. You need to bear in mind that if you play with Ice Shot, then you need to use unique jewel «Omen Of The Winds». It will add effect 7L for Ice Shot – pierce and additional cold damage. You need to insert this Jewel into the socket next to «Heartseeker» in your passive skill tree).
Now I use Ice Shot sometimes, for example fights which require damage to a specific area (getting additional keys to the lab, not to kill minions of Izaro, as well as Uber Atziri and physical reflect maps). In this case, give up the gem Mirage Archer (20) in favor of Cold Penetration (20), in order to "have control over the situation."


1. We use unique jewel Lioneye's Fall to transform claw nodes into bow nodes. It gives us:
20 Crit Chance + 20 Crit Chance + 20 Crit Chance (60)
15 Crit Multi + 15 Crit Multi + 15 Crit Multi (45)
1.2% of Attack Damage Leeched as Life
0.8% of Attack Damage Leeched as Mana

2. Also, we will need the Watcher's Eye with Flat Cold Damage. Later, it may be updated to 2 Hatred Mods.

I use Abyss Jewels to scaling damage and life. Priority stats:
1. Cold Damage to Bows Attacks
2. Attack Speed
3. Life
4. Cold Damage to Attacks


1 To get started, try to get a quiver with corrupted mod «Bow attacks fire an additional Arrow». The total damage to the build and mapping speed increase with the number of arrows produced.

2 Update your gloves to 2 abyss socket. Preferably, immediately with a good roll of Attack Speed/Increase life.

3 Get a helmet with enchantment on TS +2 Additional Secondary Projectiles. You will get increased mapping speed + extra damage for a single target.

4 Balance the resist in the build to purchase a ring with a curse on hit (Assassin’s Mark) + life + flat cold damage (can be craft). We will get a small increase in the speed of mapping and a huge increase damage to in a single target. Also, we will generate power charges.

5 Instead of Leather Belt, buy Stygian Vise. Next, get the abyss Jewel for this belt, immediately receiving both damage and survival.

6 Instead Watcher’s Eye with one Hatred mod on flat cold damage, we can buy Watcher’s Eye with two Hatred mods (In my case, it was a Flat Cold + crit 1.7%)

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nice and complete guide. thanks mate. gonna make one :D.
lordfratos wrote:
nice and complete guide. thanks mate. gonna make one :D.

Thanks :)
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Very interesting build. How does it hold up and deal with the Syndicate?

In terms of survivability and damage?

Thank you.
BlackHao wrote:
Very interesting build. How does it hold up and deal with the Syndicate?

In terms of survivability and damage?

Thank you.

It holds like this:


BlackHao wrote:
Very interesting build. How does it hold up and deal with the Syndicate?

In terms of survivability and damage?

Thank you.

With my gear, they die in 2-5 seconds. In 90% of cases, they do not even have time to deal damage.
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What about those insane prices on +1 arrow Voidfletchers?

Does the build work with non corrupted?
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BlackHao wrote:

What about those insane prices on +1 arrow Voidfletchers?

Does the build work with non corrupted?

Works fine without it (The first few Uber Elders, I killed without this quiver with +1). This is one of the last items I bought. The price was through a search from 30 EX.
But I used online-search and found 2 quivers during the day, 5 and 8 EX each.
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interesting build definitely gonna try.
im noticing that u dont add POB link or im missing something here.
yo question, If i do this build, can i swap out the belt for HH and swap it back with a dmg/life/res belt for UE and stuff? Also can Unnatural Instinct and x2 Might of meek jewel be used?

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