[3.6] BSC Winter Orb~2 min UE~Ridiculous Clear Speed~ Updated PoB

Many on many Elementalist Winter Orb builds have been posted boasting high end game content damage and clear. This version is far superior in single target damage while sacrificing defenses on a skill that is naturally tanky through movement and phase run abuse. "Dead mobs can't attack" except elreon while being dead, piece of shit. ANYWAY. Lets get into it.

We took some hits, Damage lowered, Craft lowered, ETC. I will continue to fully test but I see no problem in losing around 15-20% dmg. Should still be more than enough.


Ridiculous Clear Speed
Ridiculous Movement Speed
Ridiculous Delver
Ridiculous Bosser
Builds full built with around 30ex
Helm Enchantment is not needed, although it is 10% more damage


Not hardcore viable
Can't tank ue Shaper Balls
Expensive/Tedious to MinMax

My Gear

Gearing Advice


Buy a base and alt it yourself with t1 Ele as Chaos and then annul to multimod, or buy one already completed. Double damage is a huge dps buff and stack on boss is insane. Ironically 40% Ele damage is more damage than 6% ele pen

Devoto's is my personal choice for the movement speed and because the helm damage is just not needed. If you want to go rare helm and fossil craft with pristine+frigid feel free, but it is in no way necessary. Plus 2 Winter Orb is best enchant no questions asked

Who would of guessed, another elementalist build where inpulsa is best in slot

Look for temple mod increased damage against chilled. Get the resistances you need and as much life as you can afford

Bubonic is bae. Lightning enchant is more damage than pen enchant

Mark of Shaper obvious choice. Warlords mark on hit ring with Spider crafted on. Most dps possible from ring slots. Spider can be crafted elsewhere, Ring is just best place imo

No, pandemonius is not better, yes blind is fine, but Yoke on elementalist is a no brainer, just make sure you get one jewel with the chance to poison mod for an additional ailment

Fossil Crafted Stygian with Prismatic, Frigid, Pristine is best but not needed. Feel free to go cheap here and cap your resistances if needed

Flat Cold, Flat Fire, Pen, Flat Lightning to spells/dual wielding. Make sure you have jewel with the Chance to poison mod like my crimson for additional ailment for yoke. Corrupted blood immunity saves you a flask roll. One searching with life, onslaught, and pen is nice for 10% from bubonics and free onslaught. Green Dream in Scion Res for Frenzy Charge, More Chaos Damage, and some free dodge.



Kill All Bandits

Brine King/Rysthala for UE.
Lunaris/Rysthala for everything else.


Typical Leveling Gear
Frostbolt to 12
Storm Brand to 38
Winter orb 38 on

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thanks for the credit btw true friend

quick flex
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Really nice, just the jewells are 20ex :D
vildsix wrote:
Really nice, just the jewells are 20ex :D

not if your toxic

Sneak Lvl 100
Just got fully geared last night, and my gear is far worse than the three show, and I have done Uber Elder 5 times with no problem.

Other builds I have played this season:

Celestial Bob HoA build - Great Bosser
Cospri's CoC- Great Bosser
Winter Orb Full Quant - Great pack clear
Aura bot - Fun relaxing build

The thing is, this build has the ability to clear bosses fast and clear maps faster. It is the dream imo, minus the one shot potential, but thats why I am on BSC.
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How do you get enough mana, to use
Herald of Ice
Herald of Ash
Herald of Thunder


Aspect of the spider skill?
Jessrabbit wrote:
"This version is far superior in single target damage"
Crit assa version with void batteries is 2-3x this dmg for same budget, btw :P

Most popular ass void battery is a 3:30 ue skill, almost double my time.

Also has no where near the clear, is slower movement speed, and has worse leech.

It's not even close to comparable.
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eVisualize wrote:
How do you get enough mana, to use
Herald of Ice
Herald of Ash
Herald of Thunder


Aspect of the spider skill?

Elementalist ascendancy reduces heralds mana reservation by 25% lets you squeak all in

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