3.5.1b Patch Notes

Nerf to Scourge Arrow for no reason? It DOES NOT do damage while being channeled so it makes no sense to have it cost mana while channeling. Don't do changes like this mid league especially for an ability thats been out for SO LONG.

Not okay, at all. Please revert this garbage.
Syndicate members no longer spawn directly on top of one another. This prevents most cases of overlapping Syndicate nameplates.

Still happening. Nameplates still overlap.
Having trouble reaching fortifcation areas in many maps now. They're blocked off.
"Monsters spawn for a fixed duration, rather than until the completion of the encounter."

From what I understand of this, monsters that spawned during the encounter disappear once the encounter has ended. If I am correct, it hasn't been fixed. In fact, I just got one shot because I didn't know a mob was around while I was deciding on what to do with the syndicate members...
Yep. It happens everytime. Trash skill with bug become good usefull skill. But we need fix it. And now trash skill is just a trash skill again. Enjoy players. And this is my opinion about that league balance. Its just a bug af. Absolytly unplayable and totaly broken. GGG, we realy need nerf Miners builds too. And stop playing this unbalanced content, until u start testing and balancing BEFORE release.
What about burial chamberS?!?!?!!?!? wtf
Srsly why u dont fix scourge arrow in doorways???
Instead u change mana consumption in the middle of the league and now my build is not working anymore @ lvl 94....
thats bs GGG !!!!!!!!
Axovur wrote:
Why does Scourge Arrow continue to consume mana after reaching 5 Stages?

That's what I'm wondering, not to mention it's already a clunky skill to use (I just use it for bossing) but this is quite a severe 'fix' mid-season, whereas I didn't even know it was 'bugged' so now it pretty much ruined a skill I was making a build around.

The cost for charging up should be lowered and it should stop costing mana when fully charged. This skill is already severely hampered by any objects being in the way of it (like simple doorways)

Yes, I'm frustrated.
Great job GGG. Really good patch!
Monsters stop spawning when a Fortress Wall is destroyed.

That is huuuuuuuge :O!

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