3.5.1b Patch Notes

Make atlas objectives more often and easy to farm/proc!

Add more veiled mods!
Harvest Master Craft Service in Harvest My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
Harvest Masters 8 level Crafting All Service all crafts mods
Best Harvest SC Master Craft Service Harvest SC in HSC craft!
Master Crafting Service in Harvest HSC PM: TreeOfDead
Lost three dollar mtx because of the patch, now support trys telling me i didn't get the mat out of a micro transactionbox. seems legit guys. strike one.
Loged in to see patch broke my h/o

Fixed a bug where the Courts Hideout incorrectly awarded a pair of Light Mural tiles (which are purchasable microtransactions) rather than Templar Rugs.

No idea that was MTX but my hideout was designed around that as a center piece. So im royaly pissed off, can i get my 15mil decorations points back that are in the hideout?

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