3.5.1b Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where Phase Run could make you completely invisible to all enemies.

LOL goodbye bug exploiters. arakails fang back to 5c after the patch. gonna be some pissed of people that bought one in the last couple of days for 5ex.
Aw man had a tiny amount of hope that they wouldn't ruin vaaling shaped maps in shaped atlas....

Time to go full completion and only spam 1 elder map all the time I guess...
Nice but,

Alva minimap icon? Other maps "tree issue" (buriels for example)? Or completly unreachable Fortification (City square, Buriels and im sure many others)? Rewards from syndicate still the same in zone 50 and 83 ???
Substantially rebalanced Fortification encounters.

I love you.
Those of us with big leech builds were relying on those mob spawns to keep healed up.... guess I can kite them through the rest of the zone just like everything else now.
Come on guys, give us 3 sulphite nodes, thats all we want :)
Monsters spawned by Fortification encounters can no longer be Rare.

Rip easy HH buffs :-(
yay! Welcome back tradeable beasts!
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