3.5.1b Patch Notes

Pretty hefty nerfing of Fortifications. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, if they still one-shot like hell.

Hopefully the Captain challenge can be completed now. I've killed heaps of them, but very little was ticking off.
Oh nice! Been waiting!
Kross0m wrote:

It isn't a nerf. It's a bug fix. :/
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Shame it took 6 weeks to notice but those Fortification fixes are most welcome.
Still leaves Intervention damage spikes and the amount of sulphite awarded to resolve, but it's good..
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philosoaper wrote:
I doubt this will make me not severely dislike the whole betrayal mechanic.. but alas..

Agreed this is the worst temporary league we had in a long time. Completely not fun for SSF. Standard on the other hand is now much more varied and fun again once they fixed the issue with maps.
Unlike those who are crying about a BUG fix, i'd like to thank you guys for continuing to develop this game. Forficiations being less crowded is also a welcome sight.


Syndicate members can no longer spawn on top of each other

Ah, yes, well... great!!!
But they can still die on top of each other.

Their 'corpse' states need to have a bounding box so that they get pushed slightly apart - only onto areas traversable by the player - when they are beaten.
nice fixes, now my betrayal mtx is over my head in my hideout lol
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