3.5.1b Patch Notes

First betrayal encountered all 3 spawning over each other ... nice bugfix!
Stop fucking with SA or any skills unless they are literally game breaking.

You used to do it at league end in order to not screw people, that was the right choice.

Even if this change ends up being minor there is no need for it to come out now.

If you insist on messing with skills mid league how about making skills like sa, fp or anything that shoots work better around doors/pillars/walls/trees/pebbles/or if the tooth fairy came by last week and left some dust on the ground.

Would be nice to get 6 pods from my SA if 6 can fit rather than if there is a tree on the other side of the screen it decides that 2 pods are the most it can do since there is only a thousand miles to work with.
Wow, didn't think most of the community would be such spoiled brats - crying about a bugfix because it ruined their exploiting build or other dumb stuff... this game is still f2p and better than 99% AAA games... but they still cry like little bitches.
englols wrote:
Kross0m wrote:

It isn't a nerf. It's a bug fix. :/

Not really a substantial nerf to the build regardless of these. You lose the "cheese" of not being targeted as you should yes, the build is still incredibly powerful though
Burial Chambers still has an issue with fortifications being completely bamboozled by trees everywhere.
Thanks for all your hard work
anybody else having the 24 challenge aura flooting way up in the air?
Thanks GGG for your hard work !
Right click to bestiary sphere(fenumus from trade site) does not do anything((( GGG, Fix it pls .
I understand fixing the mana cost for Scourge Arrow. But making it drain mana while holding down the skill the same way scorching ray does? wtf? I'm not doing any damage just by holding down my skill, why should i run out of mana?
This needs to be fixed again to drain mana per stage.

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