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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Welcome to the Temple of the Djinn, a hideout themed around what could be one of the few remnants left of Jun's order.

Jun's summoning shrine, littered with the skulls of defeated foes.

Alva's summoning shrine, stockpiled with various trinkets and riches from her expeditions.

Helena handles transporting goods in and out of the hideout.

The Exile's outpost: here I chose to go with a more efficient setup with all the major mapping necessities in one easy to access place.

Another view of the Map Device.

Einhar's mini menagerie.

Behind the temple lies the overgrown graveyard, here lie the remains of Jun's kin.

Excavations have already begun on the nearby cave. Even the slightest tinge of blue will send Niko into a mining frenzy.

Hope you all enjoyed! Here's the full album link and a video showcase.
The Baron's Retreat
Base: Coral Hideout

On a small Isle, far away from most shipping routes, you find the summer retreat for one of the minor barons. His ancestors controlled a large area of land, but now only a fraction remains... and then this summer retreat.

A short and very poorly recorded video (sorry) :

Added a few highlights from the video and a few explanations:

Arriving at the harbor:

Moving through the small village and the marketplace brings you to the baron's balcony... (I am so very proud of the floor and the upper part of the stairs ... please admire the floor. Took forever to make! ;) )

Some distant great-great-grandfather tinkered with magic machinery, the result being a lightning-driven portal device... that no-one know how to fix... but then again it never broke down, so why bother:

"Oy, Helena! What are you doing in the baron's bedchambers?!" ... "no, NO THANKS, I do not want details":

Just north-vest of the small mansion there is a cave, with an opening out to the ocean, where Niko spends most of his time. (Yes, I am also very proud of "the cave", formerly known as "a beach" :D )

Exiting the cave and going south on the forest path leads us to the old forest, where Jun have found a private place to make camp in the ruins of an old forgotten temple:

(Please note that there should be no paid decorations in this hideout.)
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Reliquary Hideout from Standard League

Hope you enjoy
Real eyes
Real lies
My "Reliquary Hideout" from Standard League.
Hope you enjoy!

Real eyes
Real lies
Somewhere in the snowland :)
Simple but you might like concept.
Gday Folks!

Here's my entry: The Renovated Library.

It's based on the enlightened hideout tileset.
It's set after the main story line as a hidden and separate part of the library in Sarn that has been renovated to study the map device and explore the atlas.

Link to HideoutShowcase:

A couple of screenshots:

The entrance, with a couple of exiles on watch duty.

Niko found a vein of azurite in one of the walls, and has been digging out a small mine ever since. Einhar stands close by talking about his latest hunt.

A few exiles taking shelter. Some come to trade, others to hide from the gardens's fauna.

The entrance to the main hall, with a small storage room to the side.

Navali trying to divine future events by searching the flames.

Helena cataloging her recent findings with Zana standing by to keep an eye on the map device.

The map device with spectator benches for a potential audience to observe its workings.

Alva sorting her latest "findings" and preparing her next ritual with Jun standing close by to keep an eye on "greedy" Alva.

The renovated chapel, dedicated to both Sin and Innocence.

Tala moana folks!

Hi! I was hesitant, but a lot of friends told me to post my hideout, soo I figured why not?

I signed up via steam and will post some images! =)

The hideout was trying to visualize what a frantic death metal song sounds like (?), but with sort of a story that the viewer can make up.

I called it "The Portal" as it focuses on the map area and the demonic entry of it. I worked on over 2 years

The map starts via way point in the immaculate hideout of Zana. It leads you right into HELL. I spent almost all assets trying to make this look like the embodiment of violence. It works great with some great tunes playing. The map then leads down into a cave with a mine area and Niko(Lets go bowling roman), then down a azurite crypt leading to a snowy graveyard.

This was mostly done before the great hideout improvements, but some of the new assets were for sssuuuure welcome and added.

Cheers *also my first post ever

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Here is my contribution to the contest!
It's called "The Railway to Slavery".
Luxurious Hideout.

Youtube video:

Entrance queue for the railway to what they think is paradise.

The waiting terminal for the trains.

Navali's shrine where the train passes.

An exiles home with backyard.

This is Einhars little corner entrance. Stinky, the dog, is caged outside.

Einar's corner of the world.

Endstation to slavery, Niko is waiting for them.

Natures entrance (Without portals).

Natures entrance (With portals).

Jun's secret interegation of Vorici.

An exile, his home and Alva trying to figure out the way to Atzoatl.

Some exiles having a rough time in the outskirts of the trainstation. "Old" Catarina is watching over the graves of their lost loved ones.

Thank you for checking out my hideout. I wish everyone in the competition good luck!
Bisco’s is not only a fashion statement, it’s a way of life.
Morrissey's Private Cemetery:

Hideout Showcase:

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Belly of the Beast
by paps

My 2nd entry.

Hi, I managed to get another hideout put together, before the end of the competition. Hope you all like it!

edit: Also forgot to mention it is MTX free =)

Some story stuff...
You find yourself awake in a small tranquil garden. But there's a foul smell and an ominous smoke creeping towards you, and then there's the blood.

You're trapped!

No where else to go. You are wishing, you've had other choices, but that's where you're going, into the Belly of the Beast.




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