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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Overgrown Hideout, "The temple wasn't lost"

Hi, since my frist hideout of the league was posted before the contest annoncement, i did an other one :)

It's a ruined temple theme in the jungle. I'm sorry it's for once a really expensive one to do point wise but hey, we'r here to grind right ? :)


Stairs 1

Map device

Stairs 2


Alva, Zana

Pastebin :

The Undersea Path to Tsoatha

Take to the islands of Wraeclast and find one of many paths into the lost city, descend beyond the wave and beyond the delve to find out what treasure was left behind, who sought it, and what lingers.

Here is a video.

and the .hideout file!

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Hidden Waterfalls (Lush Hideout)

When old masters return as slaves...

A lush hideout designed to be efficient as possible while looking calm and relaxing. It's made for everyday use. Everything needed is around and close to the map device. Helena and stashes are together(items can be vendored or stashed without moving). Then Alva, Jun and Navali. Unneeded Niko and Einhar are far away. All portals work, every master have their own places.


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The Temple of Sun and Moon, Immaculate Hideout

Inspired by Ivory Temple map
"Man and nature intertwined, but only for the chosen few" - Shaper.


Around the waypoint


Map device

Jun's portals

Full album

Youtube link

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Obsession - Showcasing the obsessions of the masters.



Navali's Prophecy Altar

Navali Conferring With Her Monkey Companion

Syndicate Investigation

Jun's Syndicate Relationship Boards

Syndicate Trial & Interrogation


Record Keeping

Zana's Map Device

Catarina's Sanctum

Resurrection Device

Catacombs For Prior And Inactive Syndicate Members

Niko's Mining Supplies

Detritus From The Azurite Mine

Entrance To The Azurite Mine

Niko's Azurite Refining Equipment

Einhar's Butcher Shop

Roasted Rhoa

Slaughter House

Einhar's Camp

Alva's Incursion Spoils

Alva's Research and Findings

Imgur Album:
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Hi, my own HO for Competion.

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Desert Hideout - The 2019 Vaal Olympics


The Olympic Rings


Track & Field

Gymnastics - Uneven Bars, Vault, and Balance Beam

Beach Volleyball


and Archery!

imgur Album -
Video -

Looking at some of the gorgeous hideouts on this thread, I think my interpretation of "choose a theme" may have been a bit... non-standard. XD

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The Corrupted Abbey - Unearthed Hideout


Imgur Album :
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