Path of Exile Hideout Competition


Snowy Mountain - Glacial hideout


icy bridge to map device

more pics to be added soon when sections are finalised
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Please give flasks an item sound.
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Four Ruins - Desert Hideout
by paps

This hideout i made with the idea to create 4 distinct type of buildings. The circular shape of the desert hideout makes it a fun place to travel around and see the different enviroments and impressions. I hope you all like it, it was alot of fun to create and also get feedback from friends to inspire and move on, thanks all!

Little backstory:
At the far north, you will enter through a magical gate in the oldest part of the ruins. This was once a glorious building, but the crumbling walls now only house a gravesite for a forgotten hero's tomb.

To the east, a group determined to study the hidden secrets of this site have rebuild some of the old structure.

To the west a small cave entrance.. Niko always seem to be digging.. And an outpost occupied by Einhar. He has thrown away his nets and hunt for beasts, and now only focus on the torture and interrogation of corporate orathians.

To the south, a timeless ruin appeared. Noone knows it's origin or it's age. Maybe it could even be from the future. Alva resides within to learn the mysteries of other dimensions.




Thanks GGG for a cool and fun competition, amazing work everyone has put together! Good luck to you all!
here's my entry :)
"Overgrown Encampment"

You can also find it here for the hideout file:
kekeroni, peperoni
Submission #7

The Sacrifice

Fully Reskinned Baleful Hideout

and with alternate portal skin:

Video Walkthrough:


Large Vaal Altar
Golden Bars
Ruined Pillar
Vaal Debris
Bloody Pool
Ossuary Grave Marker
Ossuary Grave
Vaal Fire Pit
Menagerie Altar
Menagerie Spirit Barrier
Menagerie Rope Fence
Garden Path
Vaal Crate
Incursion Portal

2hr build

Small hideout. But nice and open, and symmetrical.

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Diocese of the Faithful

Standard premise, templar sanctuary in the snowy mountains, this time with an actual temple. I've made this hideout in a very clean manner, with everything being placed in a very deliberate way. There's nothing that is randomly placed around as clutter and I've been very reserved with my light sources.

Bedroom in the back with navali, where prophecies are made ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Front facade of the manor

Jun's training area, with space to open portals

The safehouse, with map board and professor Helena at work

Storage, as food is scarce in such a climate

Transitory fortress between the temple and the safehouse

Temple with map device, stash, and zana for ultimate ease of use. The waypoint is centered on the bridge between the temple and the fortress.

The only three decorations that cost money in this hideout are the manor fireplace, the wide beam of light in the temple, and some snowfall just outside the manor, all of which I think I got from mystery boxes.

I would also like to say that I very much enjoy making grand hideouts such as this, but this one will be the last because decorations currently cost way too much. I started out this league with 20m favor and now I'm down to 3m, even after farming a few million over the weeks since the league started. I would absolutely love to make a mechanical themed hideout with all the fantastic new decorations, but doing so would cost millions more favor that I really don't want to spend the next 12 months grinding for.
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heres my new ho in thise legue its second one after "lost imperial outpost" its called "the fall of Cintra" hope u like it:)
After overhauling my Overgrown Hideout - here we go:
I spent time thinking and doing almost 2 days.
hope u like it:)

Overgrown Hideout
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Temple Hideaway made in the Arboreal Hideout base. for decorations/download

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Hi , i hope you will like my Entry.

It's a Court that serve justice to those who deserve it . There is a little bit of gore near the waypoint .

You can also download it here :

Enjoy! ;)
my entry - "Peace is a reward"

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