Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Lost Sarn - The Destroyed Sky Shrine

Did you know, that long time Ago, Kitava did not just try to conquer Oriath?

On his way to spread chaos in Wreaclast he found the old Sky Shrine and all he left behind was a ruin.

No one survived this massacre.

After time past by, the nature took back what was once her.

And after Kitava was defeated and with the help of Zana and Alva, it was possible for a group of some undauted people to reclaim the ruins. Not much was left, but enough to build a new home!

In the middle of the ruins, overgrown by nature. Lost Sarn was born...

Tileset: Arboreal Hideout

Imgur Album:

Youtube Video:

(Sorry for the bad quality in the video - my pc is just too old :( )

*If there are some grammer mistakes, pls have mercy - englisch isn't my native language*
Baleful Laboratory,
a compact hideout for the aspiring mad scientist.
Theme: mad scientist's laboratory
Base hideout: Baleful Hideout
Overwhelming Ruin Campfire Settlement - Entrance

Showcase Screenshot

The "Bonfire" waypoint with some chilling dudes

Helena Corner, busy handling Hideout resource and stuff

My Messy House(with functional stash)

The real deal working corner, all my income comes from here

The hidden chamber of the beast master

Baby Innocence flexing Navali

The Overwhelmed Forbidden Garden entrance

The Overwhelmed Map Device

Overall Screenshot

Inside my messy room

Hello again, Exiles! This is my second submission, Mr.Einhar's Neighborhood!

The gang follows Einhar back to his hood to see how the beast master lives!

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy! Good luck to everybody who submitted!

After quite a bit of coffee and free time, I present to you my entry for the hideout competition "Riverside town".
The idea is creating a cozy relay where people can go through their daily tasks peacefully. Character locations are picked around their in-game lore, a mother-base for syndicate investigation, a temple for the Atlas of worlds and the main town.
It is based on the Lush Hideout and uses no MTX.

Colossus temple.

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Catarina's Skeletal Abode of 1000 Corpses

My morbid Catarina Death Worship inspired hideout.

Hi everyone,

here's my vision of an old atrium lost in a backstreet place.


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Adventurers Old Mansion

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The Lost City of Ice

Here is my hideout attempt at recreating a Lost City. I tried to use broken statues covered in moss and ingrown plants throughout the hideout to display the idea of being abandoned.

Entrance - This is where you see a broken statue of the Emperor who led the people of the city. The Emperor was killed trying to protect the city from a Vaal time traveler.

Market - This is where a hunter who hunted beast sold items to the people of the city.

Middle Area - Garden statues that represent the children of the Emperor who sadly disappeared.

Map Device Area - The statue in this area represents the Emperor's wife and how she loved the people of the city.

Vaal Entrance- This is the entrance to the Vaal area where pillars built by the Vaal are shown.

Vaal Outpost - This area was the wonder of the city where people came to visit pillars designed by Vaal. Old trees and ingrown plants here also try to represent the idea of being abandoned.
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