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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hello and happy new year, my name is John and my nickname is Saurax.

Here are my 3 hideouts I made for this hideout competition!
Creation order is from bottom to top
This hideout uses the base of the Glacial Hideout that came with Betrayal league, named; Pirate's Reach.

~< Full Album

First, im gonna show my Desert Hideout named; Elven Shrine.

~< Full Album

And my second hideout using the Enlightened base named; Haunted Mansion.

~< Full Album

This is my first time joining a hideout competition and I wish good luck to everyone!
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The Last Bastion of the Hero
Glacial Hideout themed as the Headquarter of my squad on his mission to protect the reality from Elder.




Tora defending the base from monsters of Delve.


Niko's Base


Defensive Post & Einhar's Base


Past Leagues Trophies


Next Leagues Trophies


Haku praying for my soul


Catarina & Navali blessing the Crafting Bench


The Main Base - Research Department (Zana) & Armory (Vagan & Vorici)


The secrets of Fishing are here


The Map Device to protect the world against Elder
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The Beacon of Hope - Desert Hideout

Theme was to create a green and alive looking place in the middle of a desert.


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"High Fantasy" Glacial Hideout

A fantastical ruin high up a mountain is reclaimed by the exile and set up as a base from which to explore Wraeclast. Video:

(some MTX [wide light beam, snowfall x3], but not required...)

The waypoint brings you outside your home:

Down in the sleepy village:

Outide the village, an ancient shrine, a space for contemplation looks out over the cliff:

A fortress built into the mountain, the masters use this as their base:

Across the bridge the ancient temple built around the map device sits on an icy precipice:

700 decorations - still sane exile?

Detail Images

[2.2] Varunastra/Prismatic Eclipse DW Beserker /forum/view-thread/1604711
[2.2] Drunken Wretch - (Gladiator with The Retch + Broken Faith) /forum/view-thread/1656234
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Here's something I am working on.

Niko found a way to power some ancient Vaal device with sulphite

Seeking knowledge at Navali's:

Alva's lost in the middle of something....

Old friend decided to pay a visit... Jun not happy and Einhar does not care, too busy writing a mighty poem.

Isle of humility - Coastal Hideout
a humble island made with free assets .


Center part

Map device





i hope you like it, thank you so much and good luck to everybody!
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Already posted in the french topic:

Skeletal Hideoutl: Tribute to Dark Souls 3

Download link:
Video (17.2Mo):

Start on the Giant Crow Nest:

Cinder lords thrones and fire keeper (Zana):

Un elevator (Shortcut not unlocked)

Undead village street:

Andree's forge:

Gundyr (Map device): The french fansite
Hi guys, Non-creative guy here!
My brutal hideout with no specific theme.
It's the best my non-left-handed brain could think of!


Base Tileset.
- Coral Hideout.

- One Island with multiple factions and a very uneasy peace.

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Rogue Encampment Hideout i made.

Hope you like it!

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