Path of Exile Hideout Competition

The third is my oldest Hideout. It was the first, where I found the love to decorate this stuff.

Skoro, The Village in the mountain

I've waited for a long time for a wintry themed hideout to come out in Path of Exile and here is my hideout showcase

Here is a streamable video link showcasing a little tour of the hideout:

Screenshots are in the Imgur album below:
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The next hideout is a skeletal one. I tried to make it a little darker.

Secret Forest Encampment:

1st hideout i Actaully went all out one, hopefully you all like it! =D

Sorry im not sure how to make them come up as pictures like other posts on here
Hello! This is my entry:

« Rebirth of the Rogue Encampment »

Inspired by Diablo II, I've choosen to go into a darker tone. My idea was to make a small but nice hideout, as I think great stuff doesn't need to be ostentous and a simple idea can be quite strong (if executed correctly). Also to be quite honest, I don't have much Hideout MTX so I had to work with all the free stuff that you can claim from other hideouts. I believe it's important to mention this.

Story: After the fall of Oriath, everything went back to square one. Heroes and masters needed a place to survive and set up their operations, therefore they moved to a safety place in the dark forest in order to start over and bring back balance to Wraeclast by their own rules. This is how the rebirth of the Rogue Encampment took place.


Screenshots: LINK TO ALBUM
(with comparisons to the D2 Rogue Encampment)

Thanks GGG for making this opportunity for the players to show their passion and talent, hype to see the winners.

Peace ♥
My custom PoE League "The Lost Islands" -- /forum/view-thread/2296786
This is the link to my hideout video please go and check it out
THIS! This is my favorite one. It's a stately hideout and I want to make one section for every master. I like it how every member has his own place. Oh and there is a little town in the middle.

Cursed Estate

I based my Hideout on image as fallowed :

Old spooky destroyed manor which was used by rich folks from Oriath with road fallowed to small abandoned town corrupted Kitava influence. I created a small corrupted church behind the town to complete this creepy atmosphere with two little graveyards on sides.

I Submitting 3x screenshot of my little estate, but I suggest my video which shows whole picture. Hope you like it! - Video

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Master's HQ. Built for grinding and function. Theme revolves around the new masters as they have their nice comfy space in our hideout.


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Took me quite a chunk of time to make this one... making an area have terrain that it doesn't normally have is ALOT of time haha

Hope you guys/gals/gamers enjoy


I was hyped when the Stately HO came out.. I had to block off 2 rooms because they just seemed out of place and unworkable (To my non MTX having pleb being) but I was able to blend it in as a wall :)

Hope people like it and I am always open to opinions on improving
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