Reflecting on Past Releases Part 1

very cool!
Like alot of people at the time, I started because of Kripp and his first reaction to the game trailer. I remember him seeing the passive screen for the first time, and that giant grin he gets - and my reaction was 100% the same, except I didnt finish the video - I paused it, and instantly went and downloaded it that day and been playing ever since.
im still kicking myself in the ass for not being able to buy the original supporter packs.
Back when PoE wasn't a clicking simulator. Good 'ol times.
We've come a long long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you baby
I have to praise you like I should
Close Beta Supporter reporting in.
i was in 2013 im sorry i dont no why i was so late to play this game :)
Players gained access through the popular "Beta Key Timer" on the website, which picked a random player to award Beta access to periodically

So they even picked their beta testers via RNG.

Why am I not surprised...


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As a gamer of many years (more than you can imagine) This is by far, the greatest game that I've ever played, and my favorite game of all time. Keep up the good work GGG! You will always have my support.
The LORD will march forth like a mighty Warrior, He will come out like a warrior, full of fury. He will shout his battle cry and crush all his enemies.

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