Reflecting on Past Releases Part 1

Shock Nova from the first trailer is beautiful. I still remember that when I discovered PoE, there was that Open Beta trailer on the main page. The red carpet in the preview brought my attention. I didn't watch it, though, as well as any trailer until Sacrifice of the Vaal, which was the first game trailer I've ever checked.
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Love it, keep being the best devs out there GGG!
I started early but never played as much as I play now ! But my love for this game is the same through the years ! Keep doing all the same work ! Love you guys
I love this, if only I could go back in time, started poe so damn late :( thanks for posting this, keep them coming!
All the sweet chills in my spine! Thank you GGG!
Good times, good stuff! :)
Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done.
Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.
I missed a lot of leagues between closed beta/release and coming back to play Breach and 3.0.0 - work somehow keeps just getting in the way. But I'm glad to see so much league content I missed has made it's way into the core game and hope this continues.

As a kiwi i'm super proud for the GGG team given what you've created and most of all, how you've gone about your work.

Can't wait for 4.0.0!
That's cool, but the league is still littered with bugs :(
It's been a long journey, i'm excited to see how far the game has evolved in another 5 years.
You forgot visually the game has become more and more beautiful and awesome to play.. LOVE IT

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