Reflecting on Past Releases Part 1

So... Part 2?
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YohSL wrote:
We've come a long way.
Every little bit counts.

I agree for the most part, the only exception is when you look at the user interface from pre version 1.0 even, it really hasn't changed.

I enjoy playing path of exile every now and then, but what makes it painful for me and causes me to quit basically every time is that the endgame revolves around, for almost every class, 1 attack skill, 1 utility and 1 movement skill, which makes the whole game feel very same-y.

It would be amazing if they could overhaul the u.i a bit, as well as trash drops which no one needs, and re-think the whole 5+6 link = spam 1 skill forever, or weapon swap to your single target forever, playstyle.

Excited to see what the devs create next, I come back every few leagues or so, and I'm glad league content gets added to the core game
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I just read the 3 parts of the "history book" now. So cool and so good. I'm really glad you took the time to post it.
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Path of Exile Open Beta (0.10.0) -> the best trailer you've made imo
Love the throw-back trailer clips. So much hype prior to a league start. I loved the implemented flyby's you did of Wraeclast. So well done! Like each clip was a mini movie.

I have been with you from the very beginning, every since I got my first key, and no game has caught me so completely. So many PC games have come and gone I have missed ever playing. (with no regret) Because one day, I was once called an exile, and and exile I will forever be!!!

Thanks for all the the nostalgia, and never forget where you came from!

Good old days...
Still here since 2013.
Joined this awesome game in September of 2011 :)
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