Reflecting on Past Releases Part 1

This is my old hideout. I still haven't watched this video. Too embarrassed. But you can see a few diamond kiwis hanging out with my other birds.

Wait, that was YOUR hideout? I never knew... GGG's showcase videos were notorious back then for failing to give details on who it was. (compared to, say, modern BotW, where they make darned sure to name the creator gratuitously)

Tyrm wrote:
I've been around since the beginning... gloriously slow slow slow slow slow days.

My very first character took around half an hour to clear each map. Yes, they WERE on the slow side, but they weren't seen as THAT tremendously slow. Can you imagine that today?
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Keep this game up until I die and after this dont stop, thanks ^^
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Thanks for sharing that history. Back then I was busy playing Diablo III, which I spent about 5 years playing before even discovering Path of Exile (at middle of Abyss league times). I'm so glad to be playing this game and it really feels great to support GGG for all the wonderful content and gameplay enhancements.

Wow, I never realized what "chaining" was till that second video.

Love the music of that one how it gives the dark feel PoE was built on (and I kind of miss with how the current Betrayal group is almost like cartoon villains, but they still catch my attention) What is that (the final image from the second video) Is that the entrance to the Prison from Act 1? Never saw it like that before.

Yes, these all look gorgeous. This once dark game is becoming very colorful with amusing syndicates to fight and manipulate. Amazing work put in and evolved throughout the years. : This is what hardcore looks like. After every death, reroll a new character who then dies by trash mobs.

I wonder what players reaction to seeing the Forsaken Masters trailer was as it allows you to choose your mods for the first time. Is this skill right here the birth of Demidog's famous Spider Queen, the Mathil killer? Based on the music from that trailer, I'm guessing that is also where the fourth act came from.

Love the music and banner from the Torment video.

Beta player reporting in.

Love the reflection, I really wish we still had the character selection screen from then though.

Being on the prison ship and hearing the voice actors for the character classes actually talk about their past was so immersive. I preferred it over the new Oriath screen.
That 0.10.0 trailer still sends chills down my spine. :)
Some of the later trailers unfortunately lack punch and are just confusing.
... is not a troll
proud to say i've been playing for almost 6 years now. time well spent =)
Great stuff guys, really appreciate content like this. Thanks for everything you do and I hope 2019 has even more good stuff in store!
gibbousmoon wrote:
Jerle wrote:
The size and scope of POE leagues have certainly expanded from the early days. But QA and balance seems to be on a decline. This holiday season left the game more poorly tuned than I could remember in recent history. Quality has to be matched with quantity. I hope Chris can find a better balance.

I'm afraid I have to agree with this.

While no one would deny that the sheer scope of content creation and release is impressive, it clearly has come at a very high price.

I think you underestimate your fanbase by believing they would abandon you in droves if you dedicated a release cycle to bug fixes and QA, with no (or very limited) brand-new content released alongside it.

You do yourself and your many fans a serious disservice by adhering to this business model of quantity-over-quality.

Can you give us some example?
Flashback incoming ;)

I'd be very interested in a history of the supporter packs that were associated with the milestones.

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