[3.5] Atziri's Reflection Arc Totems | Boss Killer | Fast Mapper | Anti-Syndicate

Bloodyukr wrote:
is Clear Mind Jewel really that good ??

You have MoM and divine guidance, that's 40% dmg taken from mana before life. So you kinda need to avoid reserving mana. And if there's a jewel that gives me up to 60% inc. spell dmg for not reserving mana, I think that's pretty good.

And in other matters, did OP really just abandon this guide? =(
It took a long time for me to build up the currency for this build, despite scarab farming, but I'm really happy with how this build has turned out so far.
One question i have is: What are the ideal mods on the crafted one hand weapon?

I've been using a Cerberus limb

because of the total increased damage and cast speed (and bonus defenses), but am considering pushing this build further. Would having more flat added lightning damage compensate enough for the slower cast speed?
For chaos damage based bosses, what kind of equipment would you swap out to? Also, is there any way to minimize the curse icons eating up the screen real estate? xD

POB: https://pastebin.com/e4wTQMQY
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I'm wondering, is this build viable for 3.7? Legion?

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