[3.5] Suck's First Level 100 Winter Orb Elementalist Guide! (BSC) Uber Elder/Atziri


Hi guys, This League I took Winter Orb from level 28 to 100 within the first 2 weeks of Betrayal! (Rank 92)

Winter Orb is a new skill from the 3.5 patch. You channel it for a few seconds (scaled with cast speed) and it places an orb above your head. Once channeled you can move freely while the orb chucks out projectiles at mobs on its own. You need to rechannel it every few seconds (8-10 seconds).

In my opinion, this skill is the new Blade Vortex for Elementalist. It does almost everything better than Blade Vortex outside of arguably single target burst.

A quick graphic showing why Winter Orb has such insane Damage Scaling with additional projectiles and Area of Effect.

Here are a bit of the accomplishments of the build!

Shaper(Day 3)
Deathless Uber Elder(Day 3)
Deathless Uber Atziri(Respected Beacon of Ruin to Paragon of Calamity)
Dealthess Elder(any tier)
Dealthless Shaper
Dealthess Shaper Guardians
Dealthless Elder Guardians
Bestiary Portals (Day 4)
Mastermind Liar
Level 100 (Week 2...Breachstones OP)

Videos at bottom of post!

Here's my opinion of the Pros and Con's of Winter Orb

Pro's and Con's of Winter Orb:


+Constant DPS on Bosses

+Shotgun-Effect on mutiple projectiles/AOE Overlapping

+Duration-Based Skill

+Good-Clear speed(insane clear speed with heralds/Inpulsa)


-Not Nooby friendly(due to a bit of hidden mechanics)

-Requires a decent budget to make it shine late game

-Requires multiple projectiles/AOE Investments

-Requires investment into duration nodes

-Low damage at low levels

I believe Elementalist is the best Over-All pick for Winter Orb due to the nature of the ascendancy.

Here's Why...

(Shaper of Desolation/Beacon of Ruin)


Free Elemental-Proflifation to spread shocks and chills/freezes

Minimum Shock (20%)
Minimum Chill (10%)

(Mastermind of Discord)


25% Cold penetration

Reduced Herald reservations

Increased Herald of Ice Effect

(Pendulum of Destruction)


Massive AOE every few seconds

Elemental damage scaling

Okay, now that I've explained why to choose Elementalist I will go into the leveling portion.

Leveling Guide:

Levels 1 to 20

You can level up using Freezeing Pulse or Ice nova, I personally choose Ice Nova as it also scales with AOE Nodes

You will want to rush the AOE nodes and then B-line it for Elemental-Overload

Elemental-Overload gives you a 40% MORE Elemental damage boost which scales your herald explosion damage, Winter Orb damage, and Inpulsa's explosion Effect whenever you deal a critical strike in the last 8 seconds. Essentially, this will be up quite a bit early game and almost up 100% time late game.


Levels 21 to 45

You will want to rush to the Duration Skill Effect clusters and the second AOE Cluster

At level 28 you will get Winter Orb from the quest Sever the Right Hand

If you have a 3 link use these Gems

Winter Orb(Sever the Right Hand Act 3)
Lesser Multiple Projectiles(Caged Brute Quest Act 1)
Replace Lesser Multiple Projectiles with Greater Multiple Projectiles once you can(The Eternal Nightmare Quest Act 4)
Controlled Destruction(Sharp and Cruel Act 2)

If you have a 4 link add this gem

Cold Penetration(A Fixture of Fate Act 3)

If you have a 5 link add this gem

Hypothermia(A Fixture of Fate Act 3)

If you have a 6 link(Tabula im looking at you...) add this gem

Efficacy(A Fixture of Fate Act 3)

At around level 40 to 45 you should be able to complete normal lab.

Ascend to Elementalist and take Shaper of Desolation as your Ascendancy point.

Also, you will want to be running these gems as well

Flame Dash(The Caged Brute Act 1)
Herald of Ice(Intruders in Black Act 2)
Herald of Thunder(Intruders in Black Act 2)

Level 46 to 70

During these levels you should be progressing towards Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics

You will also want to have a 4 link for your early game Herald Setup. This setup will allow your heralds to apply a curse (warlords mark) which will allow you to leech life and mana when you hit enemies

Curse on Hit(The Eternal Nightmare Act 4)
Warlords Mark(A Fixture of Fate Act 3)
Herald of Ice(Intruders in Black Act 2)
Herald of Thunder(Intruders in Black Act 2)

At around level 60 to 65 you should be able to complete your cruel lab. Grab Beacon of Ruin for your Cruel Ascendancy.

Level 71 to 85

You will want to start filling in the Scion Life Wheel, the Templar Area, and Witch Life Nodes.

There is not a really correct order, grab life(Scion/Witch) or damage(Templar).

Scion Life Wheel

Witch Life Nodes

Templar Area

At this time you should be able to do you Merciless and Uber Labs.

Take Pendulum of Destruction for Mecriless and Mastermind of Discord for Uber

Level 86 to 100

Grab Jewel sockets where possible and Witch Flask Nodes and Life Nodes between Witch and Shadow. No real particular order on this, it really depends on your gear.

If you have good jewels, grab the jewel sockets. If you have good flask, grab the flask nodes. If you have neither, grab the life nodes.

The Pantheons


Soul Of Lunaris ~ More Avoid/Dodge/Movement speed!


Soul of Ryslatha ~ Health Flask work better on low life!

Gem Links

5-6 Link(Armor)

Main Damage Skill

1 Winter Orb
2 Greater Multiple Projectiles
3 Hypothermia
4 Cold Pen
5 Controlled Destruction
6 Empower Level 4( if you dont have level 4 use Efficacy gem)

4 Link (Helm, Gloves, Boots)

This will save you alot from physical damage!

Cast when damage taken(Level 1!!)
Immortal Call(Level 3!!)
Vaal Righteous Fire(Level 20!!)
Increased Duration(Level 20)

Duration affected Gems

Phase Run
Vaal Grace
Increased Duration
Frost Bomb

Herald Setup

Herald of Thunder
Herald of Ice
Empower level 3+ ( if you dont have, use increased AOE gem)
Summon Lightning Golem

3 Link (Shield or Weapon)

Movement skill setup

Arcane Surge(Level 20)
Flame Dash
Faster Casting

Mobs take additional damage when they hit you with this Cast when damage taken Setup

Bonechill(level 20)
Cast When Damage Taken(Level 1)
Cold Snap(Level 7)

Gear Guide

I will only cover the basis, i am not going to dive into what exact gear you need to get to level 75ish as it really shouldnt matter to much...

Max your Res, get life on gear.


Best In Slot is

It provides

Blind Chilled Enemies on hit ~ Huge Defensive Boost
Damage Penetrates 20% cold res against chilled Enemies ~ Huge Damage Boost!
Chill Enemies for 1 second on hit for 30% reduction in action speed ~ Huge Defensive Boost
Cold Damage
Cold Res

If you cannot afford this amulet, a rare amulet with the following mods is also okay!

Spell damage/Cold Damage



Warlords Mark on Hit Ring

Try to get the following mods stacked with warlords mark

Aspect of Spider(not needed, but nice)



Mark of the Shaper is Best in Slot when stacked with a warlords mark ring.

If you cannot afford a Mark of the Shaper

Look for a ring with the following mods:




A Rare Helmet with +2 Winter Orb Stages is Best in Slot.

If you cannot afford a enchanted Helmet, just slap on a helmet with the following mods.




a rare shield with spell damage %, life and res with an open prefix is the best as it allows you to craft an 11% additional damage as chaos!

If you cant afford a shield like this, Esh's Mirror is "OK", doesn't do much for bossing though.

A rare shield with % cold damage, % elemental damage, % spell damage, life, and res is okay to. These can be found fairly cheap.



Best in Slot is a I85 Shapers Sambar Scepter crafted with "Gain Extra damage as chaos" then mutimoded.

This scepter only cost me 5 ex to make including the rolling the weapon and crafts.

If you cannot afford a scepter like that Shade of Solaris is pretty OP for a level 30 weapon. I used one until level 91. They cost around 10 chaos.



not much competes with Inpulsa. Shock immunity, Shock Effect, Increased Damage, Life, and SLAIN ENEMIES EXPLODE FOR 5% of THEIR HP WHEN SHOCKED. This chest peice will make you character literally explode the entire area in blue greatness!

If you cannot afford a Inpulsa, a rare evasion/energy shield chest peice will work fine. I did not use an inpulsa until around level 88 or 89.

On a rare chest piece look for the following mods.

5-6 LINKED sockets



Best in slot is a rare boot with spell dodge and the affix "Cannot be Frozen" crafted.

If you cannot afford these boots. Use Atziri's Steps. They are around 5 chaos. I used Atziri's boots until about level 93.



Gloves with the Alva Temple Mod "increased % damage against chilled enemies is Best in Slot!

If you cannot afford gloves with that mod. Look for gloves with the following mods:




A rare Stygian-vise with life and resistance is best in slot

Try to get aspect of spider on a ring or a belt!



Life Flask with Remove Bleed is a must!

Cinder-Swallow provides 10% more damage on ignited enemies and onslaught!

Quick-Sliver...Gotta go fast!

Wise-Oak provides penetration based on your highest resistance and reduced damage taken based on your lowest. Try to balance out your resistance and you get a huge bonus. If you cant, make sure your cold resistance is the highest!

Atziri's Promise... Provides alot of free chaos damage and chaos resistance!



The Green-Nightmare provides frenzy charge generation, dodge chance, and extra chaos damage if you place it the jewel socket on the bottom of the scion!

Mods to look for on jewels:

Cold Damage, Elemental damage, Spell damage, Area Damage

My Passive Tree and POB pastebin

Passive Tree


Pastebin for Path of Building



T16 Burial Chamber Clear

T16 Guardian Maps

Dealthless Shaper

Dealthless Uber Atziri

Hall of Grand Masters

Mastermind Liar

Coming soon...

Uber Elder

Currently need someone with him spawned as Ive done a different atlas strat for my new quant farmer
IGN Suck
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Doing this next league if it aint nerfed. a++ on the leveling section. helps a ton!
I was genuinely curious if this build could do end-game, cause Ziz seemed convinced that it could definitely NOT do Uber Elder, yet you said you did it day 3. Are you going to record any videos so we can see it in action?

As for the guide, beautifully written & very informative, well done man.

I'm actually a BV elementalist right now, but I also did it last league, so I'm kind of bored of it. I'm tempted to switch it to this, since I'm already lvl 91, have all the ascendancy stuff & some of the gear is shared. Hmmm ...
Good build guide, I'm currently running Ziz's kaom's Winter orb with the 6 link gloves, but if I do get a pandemonious I think I'll respec over to be more similar to your build instead of running cold to fire.

My question is does the damage over time on efficacy apply to winter orb at all? Does it apply to ailments or something.
This guide looks great! Are we going to get some videos of the build in action?
I fought for God Exile. Who do you fight for?
why arent u using dying sun ? Should be very much BiS no ?
Probably gonna try something like this as my second build. Currently I have a molten strike jugg that is insane for boss killing but I would like something for fast clearing t15-16 maps and this build seems nice.

I'd like to see a recommended list of order to invest into the expensive gear pieces of the build since there are quite some expensive items that I wouldn't be able to afford in one go :p
Any videos?
Mirror Service: view-thread/2466500
Ultimate Dex Stacking Guide: view-thread/2466188
aGnosticc wrote:
why arent u using dying sun ? Should be very much BiS no ?

i tried dying sun. the additional projectiles almost never overlapped on bosses except extremely large ones. The QOL of onslaught and additional movement speed and 10% more damage to enemies from cinder swallow seemed to outweigh the occasions where dying sun worked at its full potential.
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