[3.6] The Zoominator - [Blade Vortex] [All Content] [Top 5 Lab Speed Runner][League Starter]

UPDATES FOR 3.6 - We lose a bit of damage on blade vortex, this shouldn't matter that much in terms of speed for us running lab/maps. Vaal blade vortex also took a hit so it will be less useful on bosses. Good thing for us is that we never get to use blade vortex during lab, so its only when we are mapping vaal blade vortex is useful.


3.6 Initial Thoughts:

This build is the master of versatility. Being able to speed run through labyrinth typically ending in top 5 placement, T16, Shaper; so versatile. This build makes an excellent league starter as most of the gear is simple to acquire and cheap. This build is designed to slowly ramp up in gear. i.e. Getting a 5L, then essence worm, etc. Then upgrading to a 6L. 20/20 gems. and so on.

Pros and Cons


350%+ movement speed (400%+ is possible with a few gear changes)
Able to evade most attacks due to the extremely high evasion rating we have while flasks are up
Able to do all content in the game (have not tried Uber elder yet though, should be doable with proper flask management)
Gear is generic and easy to find (The rares for first time league leveling)
Almost 100% flask up-time
Able to do all map mods except reflect (ele and phys)


Low health pool comparative to other builds
Won't 1 shot bosses, even with optimal gear it still takes a few seconds.
Getting the exact colors for the armor can be quite difficult (I have provided several options for the links so that this isn't much of an issue)


Mapping: Charge up your blade vortex to 10 stacks, run into pack, hit all flasks (except health pot). Cast orb of storms in packs of enemies to get power charges. Stand there until blade vortex murders the enemy (typically you can run through white mobs and they die in 1 hit). If its a boss swap out your inc aoe gem for conc effect. Use vaal blade vortex during mapping for hard rares, and of course for the boss.

Lab: Prior to entering lab, swap to running gear. Enter lab. Pop smoke mine and detonate it, hit phase run and then pop all your flasks except the health pot. Run to the exit of the area hitting your flasks and phase run as required to keep your speed up.

Izaro fight: Position yourself as close to izaro as you can. Swap back to your damage gear. Cast orb of storms to get arcane surge up. Charge up your blade vortex to 10 stacks. Before izaro hits you, pop all your flasks. Typically you will be able to dodge his attack, if you can't we have enough health pool with mom + life to mitigate 1 hit. Sometimes you will just get 1 shot, this doesnt happen very often to me. Perhaps once in 20 runs, if that. You still need to dodge huge attacks, this character isn't invincible.

Full Video Guide with Timestamps


Introduction + A randomly rolled T16 - a few dumb avoidable deaths: 0:04
Lab run with introduction to lab ladders: 4:56
Ascendency Choice: 11:54
Gem Links: 12:48
Passive Tree: 16:38
Gear: 20:29
Final Thoughts: 27:59

Gear Progression Showcase for 3.6

After 18 hours of playtime - slower vs normal cuz league start

After 26 hours of playtime - found 1ex, bought a few essencials

After 34 hours of playtime - quite a few changes - they were cheap except..........

I snagged this baby, my dream armor, unlinked though, but I'll do it!

After about 40 hours of playtime. Linked my armor :D

After one week of playtime. My gear is mostly optimized now.

End game gear in 3.6 Syndicate

Please see the 3.5 section for full explanation of gear choices.

Gearing explanation + End game 3.5 gear (not optimized because I was cheap)

I have not decked this character out, I purchased basic gear at the start of the league and invested my profits into other characters. This is the gear that I was using in the video guide.

Main Weapons (For boss killing):

Ideal Stats: 2 or 3 gain X of physical damage as X mods, spell damage,cast speed, spell crit, added X to spells

Switch Weapons (For running from point A to point B):

These two items are used for running throughout the lab when you are not attacking Izaro. Phase run gives us an extra 30% movement speed from these two items. An alternate to the allure claw is the Gryphon. I did not go this route though as I didn't want to rely on killing anything to gain the bonuses.


Devotos for this build is a must as we zoom zoom everywhere and need all the movement speed we can get. The dex helps a ton as well. Enchant wise I chose Smoke Mine Grants an Additional 30% movement speed. However, any enchant that directly affects the skills we use will be beneficial such as Blade Vortex Damage/AoE/Duration, Smoke mine, or phase run.


Queen of the forest is essential as most of our movement speed comes from our evasion rating. Coloring this armor to 4B1R1G can be quite difficult and expensive (even using the vorici crafting method to get off colors). It is NOT necessary to have these exact colors, I have provided alternate colors in the gem setup section.


Life+Resistances+Reduced Flask charges used. Reduced flask charges used must be at 20% so that our 2 use flasks will now have 3 uses.


For extra ZOOM ZOOM!

and of course for mapping, nothing beats


Upgraded version of Hrimsorrows. The upgraded version is not a necessity. Certainly the elemental weakness curse implicit is totally optional as well. They convert 50% of our physical damage to cold damage. The goal of my build was to have a variety of elements+phys so that no matter the defense of the monster, they die somehow.


Huge evasion rating, Life, Spell Dodge. For the enchant try to get movement speed if you haven't been hit recently.


Essence worm is used for our 50% mana reservation grace aura. For the 2nd ring I chose to use an unset ring as there was no other place to put herald of ash into my gear. The ideal ring would have life+resistances+cast speed+ X of physical damage gained as X (Last one is not necessary, but would be very nice damage wise if you can accomplish it).


Look for life+resistances+any missing stats you require for gear+ X of physical damage gained as X (Last one is not necessary, but would be very nice damage wise if you can accomplish it).


For extra ZOOM ZOOM!


One of the staples of the build is the flasks as we are a pathfinder. For the health flask you want a Catalysed Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Staunching as this refreshes your health and your mana in a pinch. Atziri flask. The other flasks add evasion and assist with our run speed. Self explanatory.

I don't know how to link jewels from passive tree, it doesn't work for me. However, I chose to grab a watchers eye with % movement speed while affected by grace. More Zoom Zoom! The other gems are X - X is added as X, I feel like these gems give blade vortex a little boost.

Skill Gems and Links

6 Link (Ideal=4B1R1G): Vaal Blade Vortex + increased critical strikes + controlled destruction + added fire damage + added chaos damage + concentrated effect(for bosses) or Aoe (for mapping).
For a 5 link, remove added fire damage.

If you are unable to get 4B1R1G here are some options depending on the colors that you get.
6 Link (Alternative=3B3G):Vaal Blade Vortex + increased critical strikes + controlled destruction + Added cold damage + hypothermia + concentrated effect(for bosses) or Aoe (for mapping).
For a 5 link, remove hypothermia.

4 Link (2B2G): Lightning golem + culling strike + GMP + Inc AoE
4 Link (2G1B1R): Phase Run + Enhance + increased duration + efficacy
4 Link (3R1G): CWDT (Level 1) + Smoke Mine + increased duration + immortal call
1 Links x 2 (1G) (1R): Grace/Hatred/Haste (situational. Lab = Grace, Hard bosses = hatred, fast mapping/lab = haste) + Herald Of Ash
3 Link (2B1R): CWDT (Level 1) + enfeeble (Level 5) + vortex (Level 3)
3 Link (3B): Orb of storms + arcane surge (Level 5) + power charge on crit

Leveling tips and gear

Caustic arrow to level 12
miarage archer, caustic arrow, pierce
buy a vaal blade vortex if you can, makes bossing much easier
Blade vortex + 2 other supports. I used Increased Crit and added cold until i could get added fire (your ideal links would be vaal blade vortex + increased critical strike + added fire + spell echo
get 2 axiom perpentiums if u can
once u get to act 2, use all 3 heralds, you will need to utalize a mana flask until ur regen out regens ur bv costs. The mana sustain gets better over time once u've gone throughout the tree a little bit
at level 38, get spell echo
use spell echo + vaal blade vortex + added fire dmg + increased critical strikes
use charged dash or flame strike
act 6 boss really really sucks now in 3.7, careful
Acquire a tabula (farming blood aqua/channel or via trading)
Acquire atziri's steps 16% evade if you can
Acquire essence worm
Upgrade all other gear to have resistances capable of the act you are in
Acquire hrimsorrows or maligaros gloves
Acquire ungil's harmony
Acquire 2 divinarus
Acquire a devotos devotion
Acquire remaining rares that max your resistances

more to come, this is as far as I can remember.

Step by Step Skill Tree

If you need a 3.6 leveling skill tree. Load this up in path of building.
The skill trees below have been updated for 3.6

Path of Building pastebins

Here is my character in endgame gear: Level 89 character in Synthesis

My Level 91 Character in betrayal

This pastebin has my level 91 character in betrayal, as again it is not optimized, it is just basic gear that i got for cheap. Included in the pastebin is the leveling tree. To access this, load up PoB and go to the drop-down menu where it says reset.
My Level 91 character in Betrayal (not optimized cuz I was cheap at the time)

Path of Building Quickie (No PoB Required) - Images

Here is a screenshot of me in my regular mapping gear. As you can see this differs from the numbers below movement speed wise. PoB is weird, but you can fiddle with it your self with the PoB pastebin in the above section.

DPS/Char sheet with regular lab/mapping gear on

DPS/Char sheet with movement speed gear

Level 100 Skill Tree

2 characters in top 10 uber lab


Alira for the mana regen, crit multi, and of course all elemental resistances.


These are just my personal preference and reasoning behind it.

Normal Lab - Nature's Adrenaline
Extra movement speed for leveling. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE BUILD. PICK THIS LAST FOR UBER LAB. I like early game run speed so thats why I chose it first.

Cruel Lab - Veteran Bowyer
Damage pen, extra damage, and flask charges? Yes please!

Merciless Lab - Nature's Boon
Chance for flasks not to consume charges, flask charge gain trickle, reduced ele dmg taken. This is amazing for lab as the majority of the time you will be at full flask charges by the time you get to Izaro.

Uber Lab - Master Alchemist
Immunity to elemental flask ailments, Extra elemental damage, 20% to cause ailments during any flask. Really helps with the flask gains.


Major - Soul of the Brine King:
Some stun prevention, block and stun recovery, reduction of chill effects on your character. Getting stunned on a caster is extremely annoying and deadly.

Minor - Soul of Shakari:
Reduction of chaos damage and poison immunity. Yummy.

Build Credits

Jelbishi for his older speed farming guide. You can check that out Here
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Bump, writing guide today or tomorrow. sorry, had family stuff to attend to over christmas so i could not write the guide in time for 3.5. my bad guys.

Sorry for the lack of updates during the christmas period. Guide is now about 80% complete. Should be finished it today.

All Finished :D

If I am forgetting anything please let me know.
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Very nice! will definitely try this one out in synthesis.

Nice build and video!
Do you have any recomandation gear/gems or any tips for leveling and survivability. I am not used to play as a ranger..

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Bumparoo for 3.6
matlebassist wrote:

Nice build and video!
Do you have any recomandation gear/gems or any tips for leveling and survivability. I am not used to play as a ranger..


Level 1-12 = Pretty much any skill you like to level with. I will be leveling with explosive trap most likely as it does a huge amount of dmg to single targets.
12+ = blade vortex + associated support gems

Of course if you can get the leveling uniques it helps a lot. Tabula, goldrim, wonderlusts, etc.
Any updates to the leveling tree?
Any updates to the leveling tree?

Here is the 3.6 path of building step by step.

To access the step by step in path of building, click the drop down menu to the left of where it says reset/import tree/export tree.

Here is the pastebin with new step by step leveling. Note: You will need path of building 1.4.130 or higher to view this properly.

Once GGG has put up the new skill tree on the official website, I will update all skill trees to reflect this. During that waiting time, you can use the path of building for now.
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