The Iron Maiden Ancestral Warchief Effect

Finally, an AW totem effect.

That circle really shows the AOE. Spot on!
This is the detailed effect we need.

But what if there's no weapon?
Like something using Facebreaker gloves.

(Is AW really nerfed or is it the Facebreaker?)
I can't stop laugh! It's awesome mtx!
Hahahahah its very funny! good job!
I dont get it... do they JUMP!?
What is that?
Well done!
You say Prison Cell, I hear 'Holiday'.
HuKoJIAuKA wrote:
I dont get it... do they JUMP!?
What is that?

its the vaal version =P
Terrible.. looks like fps killer. How many polygons is that made of? Disgusting :)
WTS reduced character size jewels in bulk.
Love the Warchief support, finally. Still, don't like the design.
Ancestral Warchief totem build was my first ever Path of Exile totem build. I only played AW for very long time and I greatly enjoyed. I hoped to see a MTX for AW but it never came.

I later realized how flawed AW totems are compared to spell totem with Glacial Cascade, Flame Blast, Arc or newly reworked Ice Spear.

And now you release beastly looking MTX for a totem skill that is so outdated...:(
I want Judas Priest totem that slaps the enemy with a bible

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