The Iron Maiden Ancestral Warchief Effect

Still waiting for that Oriath Mystery Box items to come into the shop...
BkBlindside wrote:
Smear wrote:
Welp, we know this will be nerfed into the dirt.

GGG treachery use of selling MTXs before they gut a skill. Next league, the hack balance team will come in and destroy Ancestral Warchief.

Shady is an understatement.

Got any more info on this? I'm a new player and the warchief is one of my favorite skills :/ Why is it broken or requiring a nerf?

If you are a new player please don't listen to the bulls*it that guy wrote! Also always be very cautious when reading such negativity from someone, especially when it comes to MTX!
i love it!

mechanical and shows the area it affects. and the blue is nice too.
about time!!!
shit now I have to play totems again?! :(
oh that irony
Iron Maiden the BEST band of all times. It could looks like Eddie. I would buy it.
To be serious: one of the best mtx so far i think. I like mtx where you have this little detail others dont have.
finally a melee totem skin, been waiting for this so long, looks awesome, thanks
After all this time, ancestral warchief is getting nerfed.. Rip old buddy
3.3: Lapidary lens is the worst challenge I have seen in six years and a half of POE.
3.4: hold my beer.
3.5: nah fuck this grindy rotation buy off trade 820 shit
3.6 Makes 3.5 look like a masterpiece and 3.7 like their best work yet.

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