[3.5] Armageddon Brand Elementalist (HC-SSF Friendly)

playing it now, thanks for the build
Is there any real reason why i should use arcane surge with flame dash, instead i went with summon flame golem for the extra % damage, i don't actively use the flame dash skill unless i need to warp to a higher/lower area, etc.
Will this guide get any updates gear wise? I really dont know what equip I need :/
what dose blood rage do for this build what am i missing?
while under blood rage if you get a kill, it will grant a frenzy charge which gives increased attack and cast speeds along with damage. However, i still think using summon flame golum is better than arcane surge with flame dash, since it gives me like 19% more damage at lvl 15
What do you think about a Martyr of Innocence?

Loving the build right now.
The pastebin link doesn't load correctly into PoB. There are a lot of errors in the calcs with "NaN" as text. Also the tree and ascendancy are not filled.

Edit: Nvm, I see my mistake.
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so is inpulsa bad with armageddon too or just with storm brand?
Can u update the guide?

The gems on the guide are not the same the ones u use on your profile char.

Can we use doryanis?
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LoL... this guide makes no sense. The OP just copy/paste somebodies build w/o having clue what are he doing.

Gem links explained:
1)Hypothermia is used because you get cold damage on abyss jewels for spells. So you can chill/freeze enemies and in that way you get more defense because enemies are slower and do more damage thanks to hypothermia. If you can't get abyss jewels at start use herald of ice. Its what i did.
2)Remove burning damage and insert controlled destruction. Ignite / burn damage do so little damage its just not worth it.


There is my PoB: https://pastebin.com/DK0TCAgA

No flasks active, no gimmicks in checkmarks, boss checked shaper/guardians. Even if you check most poe.ninja guys you will see i'm doing like 3x or 4x more damage then they are. You can still do 2 or even 3x more damage then guys who going burning damage just by going straight damage and picking up phase acrobatics. I skipped it because I play softcore and wanna do endgame with this char. Will see how it goes.

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