[3.5] Armageddon Brand Elementalist (HC-SSF Friendly)

Trying to figure out why Flammability and Brand Recall are linked. They don't support each other and Flammability does not get activated when using brand recall. Can someone explain why those are shown as links with arcane surge?
Hi there, guys! Completed uber elder with my league starter, armageddon brand elementalist.

All of her gear is EXTREMELY optimized, the clearspeed is lightning fast and the boss damage is unreal. The build is also VERY tanky. I can also provide my personal POB/tree if you'd like :)

The gear:

The features:

Tanky AF (currently 7.2k life at level 93, perma fortify, endurance charges)
Triple resists balanced for wise oak + ele weakness capped
Insane Warlords Mark on hit ring
Insane added flat damage from gloves, ring
Insane fossil crafted elder bone helmet (spiritual aid)
Best on the market weapon for Arma Brand, currently sitting at 45k hideout avg. damage

The price:

I am completely open to offers and negotiation. I do not take item trades however, only pure currency.

Hit me up in-game so we can chat!
IGN: FrontPorchStep
how do I import the tree?

can u post your PoB PasteBin Link if possible please ?
Can you explain a bit more on how the consecrated path works on this 4 link? I haven't seen it work correctly yet

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