Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

talichan wrote:
Alcsaar wrote:
How is Quill Rain more problematic of a weapon than Poet's Pen?

It's a housemade problem in the first place.
Porcupine cards weren't exactly rare and chancing a QR isn't really rare either compared to most other sought of uniques.


The difference between the cost of PP and Quill Rain is very minor considering how much more powerful PP can be than Quill Rain. That logic doesn't hold any water.

Nothing should get to be broken just because its more rare. Its still broken.
I especially like the last line. I hate typso.
You all wanted this you have nothing but to blame yourselves.
Supreme Ruler of the Walrus Clan
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Cast on Melee Kill still doesn't work for single target/bosses. It NEEDS to have a chance to proc on uniques to be viable.
No fun allowed.™
Awesome! Can't wait to play.
The last time I was here, there were only 4 acts.

Bought a supporter pack for this league immediately. Im officially giving my life back to PoE.

Beyond excited for Friday!
GGG Pls check The Rippling Thoughts, it needs CD Buff too
Blood Chieftains can now hurl Blood Apes at you.

It was true all along!
I was not nerfed this patch

"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
Some rough changes to Molten Strike. Serious loss of projectiles.

Guess Ill be figuring out what else to may my 'rauder.

REALLY shocked that your not legacying maps. Happy, because Im a standard player who primarily trades maps, though irritated that you waited to say something until now.

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