Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Holy wall of text.

That's gonna take some time to digest... xD

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Alcsaar wrote:
How is Quill Rain more problematic of a weapon than Poet's Pen?

It's a housemade problem in the first place.
Porcupine cards weren't exactly rare and chancing a QR isn't really rare either compared to most other sought of uniques.
"Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz flasks no longer grant added maximum resistances. Instead, they each reduce the damage taken of their respective elements by 20%." goodbye RF builds no longer viable :(
"Piety... betray me, and I WILL have your head."
IGN:EmbracerOfDeath level 100 Righteous fire Marauder Chieftain.
Completing a map as part of a Zana mission now counts towards your Atlas' Map Completion and any associated challenges or achievements.

Big fan of the unique rebalance, keep up the great work
So you changed the cooldown on mjolner, coc gem, but not cospri malice? is there reasoning behind this?
talichan wrote:
no bv or gc changes despite statstick removal, glad to see you dont play the game.

Stat sticks values were halved. Glad to see you don't read the text
Arc is fine guys, let's just nerf the self cast with inpulsas, arc traps/mines/totems aren't a thing!
Molten Strike
Now deals 120% of base damage at gem level 1, and 161% of base damage (up from 147%) at gem level 20.
Projectiles deal 40% less damage at gem level 1, and 30% less damage (from 40%) at gem level 20.

Molten Strike Labyrinth Helmet enchantments now grant 1 additional projectile from the Merciless Labyrinth (down from 2) and 2 additional projectiles from the Eternal Labyrinth (down from 3).

Wildfire is now limited to 1. This affects all versions of the item.

R I P Molten Strike.
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