Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

shoju wrote:

What Masters are going to be in standard? Old? New? Are we just short one without Jun?


The whole master system is overhauled, even in Standard. But Jun can't be in Standard - there is no Syndicate.

How is this going to work?
Disappointed that Cast on Melee Kill didn't get the mod:
20% chance to cast on hitting a unique monster"

Without that it's virtually useless except on bosses that have a constant supply of mobs.

I love it!
Nerfed powerfull stuff!
Buffed garbage.

But why is stat sticking melee dead without any buffs?
All my energy goes to farm DW Daggers! BUFF MELEE!!1!1
Mjolner buff awesome....but what about cospri?
SeCKSEgai wrote:
Kelvynn wrote:
TimmyNBTrevor wrote:


That one is completely WTF. Sin Trek nerfed by... 10 ES? That changes... nothing? Why would they even bother doing that?

Actually I would consider that a more realistic and balanced change -- not that they needed it. Balancing to me should be mostly many small adjustments to not upset the overall balance of the bigger picture when you have so many variable factors.

But I'm still annoyed at them nerfing several things into the ground at this point.

gotta be a troll. -10es on an item few use can't be a balancing issue, gotta be jerking your chain
wish i sold all my zerphi's on standard...
take my money and my life
Kelvynn wrote:
lucksickle wrote:
"As a result of this change, Ground Slam, Vaal Ground Slam, Shield Charge, Leap Slam, Double Strike, Vaal Double Strike, Reckoning, Ice Crash, Earthquake, Vaal Earthquake, Sunder, Word of Light, Edict of Light, Decree of Light, Commandment of Light, Word of War, Edict of War, Decree of War, Commandment of War, Tectonic Slam, Consecrated Path, Smite, Ancestral Warchief and Vaal Ancestral Warchief are no longer main-hand only."


Maybe you can finally dual wield shields, like those dudes in Act 3? :)

Dual Wielded Shield Charge? I'm in.

Do we dual wield Great Old One's Ward or The Surrender? Naturally even if you hold three shield it's still technically "unarmed" so Facebreakers for dmg.
LastMagus wrote:
wish i sold all my zerphi's on standard...

how many do you have on standard? I probably have around 5 of them but it is dirt cheap on STD anyway.
Nerf on Zerphi is way overkill. I do agree that Zerphi need to be nerfed but not with what GGG did.
Properly, Nerf its life regen or remove life regen when reaching max life etc etc.
You shouldn't have punished melee like this tbh, with the removal of stat sticks. Melee was bad enough as it is.

They still work for casters after all (with the exception of nerfing shaped sticks)

Please don't balance around no-life streamers please.

watch me stream at

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