Path of Exile on PlayStation 4 Release Delay

BlackACEMajik wrote:
Does anyone know if you will be able to transfer your account from PC - PS4?

Not likely. Can’t do it for pc to xbox. So, it’s unlikeky you can transfer to ps4.
I really won’t mind the delay on PS4 if they can somehow allow account linking of purchases, but I know that’s a super long shot given how Xbox players weren’t given that privilege.

I just won’t be buying the same MTXs again anyhow.
You've just lost me here. There will be few big releases in february on ps4, including God Eater 3 and Anthem, so I'll simply will not have money nor time to support you.
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Worse than going to the DMV, couldn't you get Tencent to slap some people around?
Fake announce after the Diablo's fail for create some hype ...
You don't deserve more than blizzard for that
It's okay, take your time :)

Was looking forward to the PS4 release but good things come to those who wait
pfunkdit wrote:
get a pc

why? Don't you have phones?
I’m ok with this. Didn’t find any sale on PS4 pro this past weekend cyber events.
"I've played a lot of videogames. It's my primary recreational activity. Best games ever: Elden Ring and Diablo 4."
~Elon Musk, 2023
better later without problems, then sooner with problems

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