Upcoming Divination Cards

So they not gonna be nerfed? Confirmed!

I like this new approach where you buff wearker stuff instead nerfing strong one into the ground.
In memory of my best friend [*] 1995-2018.

In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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skuller06451 wrote:
Poets pen card....
Zerphis card....
i hope they nerf the shit out of both of them that people stop asking for such shitty cards.

imagine hating fun as much as this guy
A baby getting sacrificed? Really? I like how dark POE is but this is just too macabre!
That Dab of Ink art makes me cringe. So much for PoE being a “dark and gritty” ARPG. Tired pop culture references amirite xD
Ashriel wrote:
Oh, man. Are you just setting us up for a huge nerf letdown today?

i'm calling it
EE nerfed
poet pen t0 drop and maybe needs to hit to proc
zerphi maybe capped or even rarer
i hope for impulsa drop nerf too
I wonder which card was designed by DCLara...

I'm gona have to write some angry poem about this :P
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
I'm looking for Unnatural instinct's div but not.
It's perfect
Confirmed poet pen and zerphis nerf
More cards that we will never get a full deck in SSF leagues

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