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Upcoming Divination Cards

quality currency? it gives higher tier currency or scraps/blacksmiths/chisels?
Im so disapointed, i was hopping for a Zerphi's Heart card's set
Does this mean that im Immortal now, Dab
Ah, sweet! That Poet's Pen tho.
Damn it DCLara... Not hard to tell which is yours! Hahaha.
I like the picture for poet's pen. And anything 6 link is awesome.
Honestly, Zerphi's last breath should be reworked before being re-implemented into future leagues
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Ilvl 100 sac garb... with delve and incursion mods!!! Awesome
cant wait for the changelog, I cant believe Last Breath and Poet's Pen got mentioned without a nerf confirmed.

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