[3.17] Beginner Friendly Arc Mines Guide | All Content on 5L | Lvling Guide

imthedan wrote:
Anyway we can get you to throw up a tree that is more towards softcore for the newer guys like us?

Added a tree with a little bit more dps in the end game tree section. Let me know if I should add anything else
this is very good build for SSF and HC. I'm now lvl 61. I never in trouble so far.

leveling guide also very nice, I like to make some suggestion to make it better.

- advise about second set of weapons to level another set of gems.
- color gem names on the leveling guide so ppl will easly see when they take gems from vendor or reward.
- please add hint about finding exit from Act 8 "The Grain Gate". There are "Blackguard Scout corpses" in front of warehouses entrance. Follow them for short way out.

Thanks for detailed guide.
man, you are great nerd (in the best sense), this leveling guide is AWESOME! <3
also should be cool to know goals for some challenges, like how many ehp you should have to kill main act bosses, izaro etc
I feel like I lack of hp, at start of act 4 I've 1100, it seems like pretty enough, but fight with izaro was pretty hard (depends on mods for sure), few hits in a row - easy death
also I realised that I shouldn't pick up any hp nodes until act 4-5, so at kitava a5 I'll have same like 1100-1300 (with good item drops) hp, I thought that I should have at least 2k hp.

P.S. playing hc ofc
actually did kitava act 5 without any issues atm, now at act 6, I see how powerful arc mines is, but survivability feels bad anyway, I've cap of resistances but each hit feels so hard actually, my previous char was sunder glad and they're not comparable in terms of survivability tho
act 7, cap of res, flame dash into small pack of blue mobs and here we goes
Low_Flex wrote:
act 7, cap of res, flame dash into small pack of blue mobs and here we goes

With arc mines you always want to stay as far away as possible from mobs, and use your range as an advantage.

I can put some hp threshholds in to help in the guide, I usually do izaro with around 1500 hp and act 5 kitava with 1700+ so you probably just needed item upgrades.

"Every hit feels really bad"

This build is really weak to physical damage hits especially when leveling. Grabbing a granite or basalt really helps from act 5 reward.
Hey, thanks for the guide, earlier you said this

The difference is mines are faster for clear and very similar in damage to traps.

Can you explain a little bit more in-depth why mines are faster for clear? I'm playing arc traps atm (already 83) and wondering I should go for mines.

I'm a noob but in my head it made more sense to use traps if you use Lightning Spire Trap anyway.
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Any suggest unique item for leveling? Act5 and still using rare wand pick on act1
Any thoughts on an Atziri's Foible for the build?

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