Unified Hideouts in Path of Exile: Betrayal

This is just plain awesome.
Very nice improvement. Cant wait.
Are any of the current decorations going legacy?
What happens to the favour points of masters getting removed in standard?
Do new masters start from 0 in standard too?
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Khanate2202 wrote:
What should we do with favour already earned on existing masters? thank you

You'll keep this favour.
Love the work you do GGG. Forever in my <3. Ty on the 4000h+ (and counting) of fun.
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this is great. gawd i love you guys
FINALLY. tyvm! that's great changes. <3
Yes honestly I loved my hideout that I created in Abyss league and so disheartened when it was gone.
This is a huge improvment to hideouts!

I was kinda hoping for a Guild Hideout, it would fit the theme of syndicates with the ability to feel like you are creating your own.

Of course to balance the most obvious trolling and abuse cases there would need to be a player limit, and it would need to mimick a town in which skills cannot be used. How many people can fit inside a town instance?

Make them pay only (add crowd funding to guild stash/hideout and you're golden!) maybe even add some fancy guild HO only tilesets to choose from.
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Will current master level be converted to favor level?

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