[3.6] Occultist CWDT Auto Cast Mobile Spell Turret - Red Map / Delve 275+ Viable

v3.7 Legion Update - RIP Occultist, most likely necro / scion is only way to do heartbound loop build now

* Cannot easily trigger arakaali buff anymore with immortal call no longer preventing all physical damage
* Huge nerfs to Occultist

v3.6 Synthesis Update - Huge Damage buff / new spell variants

Many buffs in 3.6:
* Higher damage Curse effect buff for bosses
* Many new passive nodes with ES leech, so don't need ghost reaver. This Es leech is multiplied by the 100% increased covery rate of this build.
* Many spells do more damage. Fire variant of this build will do at least 40% more damage because of spell / curse buffs.
* Anger flat damage buff
* Wave of Conviction (with high lvl CWDT) big damage / exposure debuff
* Can use Purifying Flames for big damage and/or spreading consecrated ground everywhere which greatly benefits this build.
* Non-Channeling Chaos DoT skills makes chaos variant viable, using Soulrend, Essence Drain, and Bane for stacking damage.

Updated POBs and passive trees. I have not tested this, but this build is much stronger in 3.6 from patch notes / PoB alone.

3.6 New fire variant https://pastebin.com/rHawyVAe
3.6 Chaos Variant https://pastebin.com/zTi6Dd20

v3.5 Betrayal Update - theory craft 300% cast speed necro brand variant

No nerfs from patch notes as far as I could tell.

3% of Life Regenerated per second during Flask Effect is very good veiled mod to craft for this build.

The skill reworks give more choices for cold skills. Duration based skills like cold snap / vortex work well with high level CWDTs (probably just use lvl 20) for single target DPS, since you don't need them to cast fast for mapping, only every 1-2 seconds, for killing bosses / rares. Frostbolt can be combined with ice nova / vortex in automated fashion.

Brands are probably not going to be very good DPS on Occultist since this build has little cast speed.

Necromancer 300% cast/attack speed brand build?

Update: With help from @IfYouSeeKay, a proof of concept of this build was attempted. Unfortunately while this build is able to achieve high cast / attack speed. The cast speed doesn't affect the brands as well as I had hoped and there is a delay you cannot get around with using armageddon brand, so the game play will still be kind of slow. Future changes might enable this type of corpse build. Going Necro will still work with the right changes, however, there aren't any direct benefits of the huge cast/attack speed you can get yet, unless you want to selfcast something (which will require a lot of mana)

I could see a Necromancer Hybrid or low life version of this build with Mistress of Sacrifice 2% cast speed per corpse consumed working pretty well (or be completely OP?) with brand skills, though. This build can be set up to consume 36 corpses per second, for 36 * 4 * 2 = 288% increased cast/attack speed without consuming additional corpses (like from map mobs). On PoB, this makes Armageddon brand hit almost 6 times per second. This will probably be super laggy with all the meteors and corpses exploding, but would do a lot of damage and would make for some very entertaining gameplay. From there you could either self cast the brand, or use a lvl 20 CWDT to have it cast a new one approximately every 1 to 1.25 seconds.

Necro's regen doesn't need to be > 2.8k per second if you use spirit offering, since the skill will give you bonus ES each cast. I haven't worked out the math yet, but from what I remember,

the spirit offering bonus ES for 9 corpses (unearth + LMP + GMP + Volley) = base max life * (1 + % increases to life + % increases to energy shield) * 2% * %50 * 9

As an example, with 1500 base max life, 100% increased life, and 100% increased energy shield =
1500 * (1 + 1 + 1) * .02 * .5 * 9 = each spirit offering will grant 405 bonus ES. At the same time, you are taking 700 per cast from the skeletons, so with this gear, you would also need at least 700 - 405 = 295 * 4 = 1180 ES regen per second (much less than without spirit offering).

I don't know what the optimal life / es count / es regen % would be for this build. With a smaller ES pool, flat ES regen will be better than % regen, so change the watcher's eye to flat regen.

As a ball park estimate, 1.5k base life (before % increases) and 5-6k ES, should be pretty easy to get. With 6k ES, you would need around 20% final regen to sustain the example of 100% life and 100% es and 1500 base life. By final regen, I mean that with 50% arakaali buff, you'd only need ~13% regen, for 20% overall . Increasing base life / hybrid es / life nodes, will be the most efficient for increasing the bonus from spirit offering. Also I am not sure if Soul of Arakaali multiplies the bonus ES from spirit offering. If it does, then this build will be very easy to pull off.

Note, by going necromancer, you need to remove an additional 30% skeleton duration because of the ascendancy passives, so go for 118% total reduced duration (need 6 jewels), instead of 88% (5 jewels).

Here's a rough PoB tree / gem set up (with 7 corpse unearth and + 2 from dying sun):

Old PoE players probably remember StrangeCloud's Sustainable Perpetual Auto Caster from PoE v2.0 which used Heartbound Loop for a CWDT summon skeleton loop.

In PoE v3.4+, I used this mechanic to make a revamped post-CI-nerf sustainable auto caster with higher damage and survivability through the use of increased energy shield recovery items, pantheons and precise use of cooldown / duration reduction items.

In Hideout, auto-cast/sustainable:
* GMP LVL 16 Fireball + Magma Orb 2x per second (CWDT LVL 10)
* LVL 19 Cremation + Volatile Dead 1x per second (CWDT LVL 18)
* 3x Curses 4x per second (CWDT LVL 3)

+ Walking Simulator Pew Pew build that doesn't need to ignite, use skills, weapon swap, nor stand on consecrated ground to sustain triggered spells.
+ 100%+ energy shield per second (with 30 Vile Bastion Stacks). 100%+ increased energy shield recovery at all times (multiplies regen / non-instant leech)
+ Auto Cast triple curse with high curse effectiveness
+ Can be adapted to use any spells

- Slightly difficult to gear (not as cheap) to cap max resists with decent ES numbers. - Not a league starter. I spent around 12-15 exalts to create this build, 2 months in to Delve League.
- Enemy attacks / spells can sometimes break your loop. Requires re-casting Stone Golem or taking damage to restart. Decreasing the cooldown of CWDT reduces the chance of this happening. Decreasing the duration of the skeletons will require more regeneration to sustain.
- Cannot do elemental reflect, 60% less / no recovery maps.
- Must progress to around LVL 75 / do Labs with different skills before transitioning to auto caster. See leveling guide.

Build Mechanics

CWDT self sustaining loop with
and subsecond duration

The old perpetual auto caster build had to use pre-nerf CI ES gear (12k+ ES total pools) and multiple Fragile Bloom jewels to increase damage taken and get high ES regeneration. Before the spirit offering 50% nerf, necromancer could also easily sustain it in 3.0.

With Occultist + Pantheons, there's a new / better / cheaper way to do it. This build can sustain more than 2940 self physical damage taken per second with only 9k total ES. More importantly, the damage is only done in ~735 ES increments, meaning it does not reduce your effective life pool by 2k+ chunks like the old Zerphi's Last Breath / Scold's Bridle builds.

The build accomplishes 100% up-time Soul of Arakaali 50% increased ES Recovery Rate if you've stopped taking damage over time recently by using the following:

* Two Heartbound Loops for ~735 total physical damage taken per minion death.
* 88% reduced skeleton duration from 5 To Dust Jewels.
* At least 10% cooldown recovery, so that CWDT CD (.22s) is less than skeleton duration (.24s). If you cannot get CDR on your gear, for whatever reason / bug, .24s skele and .25 CD still works. Just keep in mind your gear without CDR may break when this bug / math is fixed.
* 4-Link with: LVL 3 CWDT, LVL 1 Immortal Call, LVL 1 20%Q Less Duration (provides 10% reduced duration, for a total of 98%), LVL 10 Summon Skeleton.

The crucial math here is that the Immortal Call buff duration must be less than or equal to your skeleton duration. This allows Immortal Call to constantly proc Arakaali buff without interrupting the Heartbound Loop. Summon Skeleton duration is .24s, Immortal call is .22s, CWDT CD is .23s.
* 2-Link with: LVL 3 CWDT and LVL 1 Blood Rage.
Blood rage will serve as the damage taken over time recently.

With all of the above, immortal call will prevent bloodrage damage to proc arakaali buff, but then expire before the skeletons expire, since immortal call and summon skeleton are from the same CWDT trigger.

Path of Building, Bandits, Pantheon (Updated for v3.6)

3.6 New fire variant https://pastebin.com/rHawyVAe
3.6 Chaos Variant https://pastebin.com/zTi6Dd20

IMPORTANT: Pantheon buffs put on QuickSilver Flask. See FAQ PoB question.

Bandits: Kill All

Order does not matter except for leveling preferences.
Wicked Ward, Vile Bastion, Profane Bloom, Malediction

Major: Soul of Arakaali with **IMPORTANT**captured Arachnoxia - 50% increased energy shield recovery and reduced damage taken from blood rage
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh - reduces damage taken from blood rage,

Skill Choices (Before v3.6 Synthesis)

Because of easy access and application of 3 curses, I went for a fire themed projectile tri-curse build. GMP Fireball / Magma Orb with 3 damage effectiveness curses obliterates regular map mobs up to T16. Cremation and Volatile dead on gloves is used for single target. Projectile Weakness / Cremation / Volatile dead are also very nice for defending Delve Encounters

Auras: Vaal Discipline and Anger. Fit in Herald of Ash if you have enough reduced mana reservation. You need to have enough mana left over to cast Stone Golem.

Summon Stone Golem (lvl 21/20Q if possible), single-linked

Damage Spells
This fire build has the helmet slot, gloves and body armor to use for damage skills.

Depending on your flat added spell damage / selection of skills, you will want to choose either LVL 3/4 CWDT for spells cast at 4x per second, LVL 10 CWDT for 2x per second, or LVL 18 CWDT for 1x per second. For skills that have a duration or do not need to be cast frequently, like DoTs for single target, you can also use lvl 20 or 21 CWDT. Make different sets of skill links in PoB to determine the levels that will give you the most DPS.
Note: Unless you are using a spell that does damage or one with LVL 44 req, CWDT LVL 3 is better than CWDT LVL 4, since it will trigger earlier.

LVL 3 CWDT, LVL 7 Projectile Weakness, LVL 7 Flammability, LVL 7 Elemental Weakness
Since the curses are restricted to LVL 7 (LVL Req 42) if you want them to cast fast, using curses that benefit a lot from gem quality or curse effectiveness are best.

Body Armour:
LVL 10 CWDT, LVL 16 Fireball, LVL 16 Magma Orb, GMP, Immolate, Combustion

LVL 18 CWDT, LVL 19 Cremation, LVL 19 Volatile Dead, Concentrated Effect

LVL 3 CWDT, LVL 10 Unearth, LVL 2 Blood Rage, LMP Elder mod

Other Spell Variants
Freeze based auto caster can use something like Frost bolt / Freezing pulse / arctic breath, frost bomb, with curses Elemental Weakness, Frostbite, and Projectile Weakness. In v3.5+, Cold snap, Ice nova (casts on up to 2 frostbolts) / vortex (casts on up to 5 frostbolts) will make good additions. You can also get the cold ascendancy path instead of the curse path, and scale cold damage over time.
Lightning based caster can use arc, ball lightning, spark, with conductivity / elemental weakness

Of course, this build can use practically any spell. For a map / delve viable build, though, Pick 1-2 Aoe Skills, and 1-2 single target skills, and 2-3 curses.


Get as few armour (0 ideal) on your gear as possible. If your armour is too high, you will miss the CWDT thresholds for lvl 3/4, 10 or 18 CWDT.

Required Uniques with high ES / recovery / regen rolls:

It is possible to not use Beast Fur Shawl (but not currently recommended, because it will be more expensive to build and benefit less from vile bastion / leech), if you have a very good ES Pool, e.g. 12k+ , or additional ES regen / recovery rate, than what is shown below. Use PoB to determine your final regen.

To be able to support a .24 second duration skeleton (98% reduced /lvl 1 less duration), you need at least 10% cooldown recovery on your belt or boots so that the CWDT CD will be less than .25s. There seems to be a bug, though, in that the skeletons will still loop with a .25s CD and .24s duration. Just be aware if you don't have the CDR, your gear may break in the future if the math is fixed.

Without increased cooldown recovery you will have to use 97% reduced duration, with a lvl 15+ less duration, getting a .3 to .4 second summon skeleton duration.

Getting Dexterity on gear will save 1-2 skill points.

Weapon / shield
Wand / scepter with spell damage / ele dmage / flat spell damage / elemental damage as extra chaos / elemental leech / multiple projectiles (if using certain gem setups, to make a pseudo 4-link)

For Chaos / DoT variants of this build, Get a wand / scepter with 90% increased minion damage (Temple of Atzoatl minion room reward) and craft damage over time multiplier.

If you don't have enough ES, you can use this as budget option. Global damage (profane bloom) and blind is nice.

Shield with high es / resists

High ES helm with resist. Helmet enchant up to you.

High ES gloves with resist. Glove enchant up to you.

High ES boots with Uber lab enchantment 2% life / mana regen if hit recently, cooldown recovery (on boots or belt, don't need on both)

Shaper Crystal belt with cooldown recovery (on belt or boots, don't need on both), energy shield recovery (not needed if you have good ES gear), then resist / flat es if possible. My belt was rolled by chaos spamming a Item lvl 75+ Shaper crystal belt. I did not use more than 100 chaos to roll it.

Marble amulet or Elder amulet with 1.5%+ life regen per second, flat es / max es, resists

Cheapest / most cost effective watcher's eye is:

with 100% energy shield recovery, this jewel gives you over 4% regen per second.

Bonus mods if you are rich:
+#% ES recovery rate while affected by discipline
+ ES added from reserved mana while affeced by clarity
ES gained on hit while affected by discipline
Leech while affected by Anger

Energy from within (only to increase ES pool)

5x To Dust Jewels:

If you have a cooldown recovery item (or don't care if math bug gets fixed) and enough ES to sustain 2940 self DPS, go for 88% total reduced skeleton duration from 5 To Dust Jewels, and use LVL 1 20%Q Less Duration.

Without a cooldown recovery item, or not enough ES to sustain 2940 self DPS, go for 97% total reduced skeleton duration, with a lvl 15+ less duration.

If you have a good abyss jewel with flat ES, you can take the jewel slot by Nullification, and unspec a +30 dex node.

Quicksilver, wise oak, atziri, sulphur flask with curse immunity(for additional es regen while standing still). I don't use a freeze or shock flask, but those are options too.

Betrayal % life regen flask mod is very good craft for this build.

Leveling (Updated for v3.6)

With the nerf on Poet's Pen in v3.6, Abberath's hooves is probably the fastest. For Abberath's hooves, use tri-herald and supplement single target with flamethrower trap / unleash firestorm

Without Abberath's hooves, I'd recommend using wave of conviction. This skill has ridiculous base damage and scales with everything: conc effect, elemental focus, controlled destruction, added fire). Use increased duration or efficacy to make it travel further. You should only have to cast it once per pack. The debuff makes it good vs bosses as well.

Otherwise Bane is a very good leveling skill, if going the chaos route.

Winter orb/ blade vortex won't feel that good without investing in skill effect duration.

Make sure to do Merciless Lab before killing Kitava. Completing Uber lab should be easy either before or after the respec with all the spell buffs. If you want to clear Uber Lab before respec, you should have at least 3k HP / clear all the things that make Izaro harder, or you will get 1-shot if you make a mistake. It's still possible to kill Izaro without getting hit, though.

Before CI

Respeccing to CI will take between 15-25 respec points, depending on the passive skill paths you used for leveling.

Early CI
LVL 71+, 7 jewel slots, all regen nodes taken. Fill out more ES nodes and curse nodes as you level up.

Before converting to auto-caster load your gear on PoB and make sure you can sustain it, if not drop down to the 97% reduced duration setup. Even if you can't sustain it, killing mobs will give you additional ES regen, if you are comfortable slowly dying over time.

CI LVL 90 (3 curse / fire variant)

The leech nodes scattered around the tree may be worth grabbing. Have not had a chance to test this, but definitely take Soul Thief.


This build is a mobile long range auto-casting spell turret. Just run through the map and everything will get blown up.

Maps with temporal chains are do-able but need continuous use of curse immune flask ( or more precisely, at least every time immortal call triggers), or loop will break. Re-cast stone golem or take damage to re-trigger loop.

Use Suplhur flask / Purifying Flame consecrated ground / Vaal discipline to heal / tank through damage. Don't be afraid to portal for flask refill. Warlord's mark (if you have ghost reaver) can be a good curse swap in for difficult boss fights.

Run all the way to the checkpoint. Faster you kill stuff, more regen you get, everything blows up because of profane bloom. No need to be slow. If you have enough vile bastion stacks, you can survive in darkness for a long time, too.

During encounters, stand near an area on the side where you can funnel mobs. Projectile weakness/cremation will prevent anything from getting close to you.

Suplhur Flask / Purifying Flame / Vaal discipline used to heal / tank through damage.


My PoB regen is much less than the one you linked, what is wrong with it?
Common mistakes in PoB:
-Not enabling discipline aura on Vaal discipline gem.

-Not adding the pantheon buffs (this must be done manually). Easiest way to add it is to open one of your flasks, and click edit. Paste the following:
50% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate
5% reduced damage taken from Damage over Time
25% reduced physical damage taken over time while moving
Save it, then check that you are always moving in Configurations.

-Having poor rolls on energy shield recovery rate, regen, or other items. Energy shield recovery rate MUST be high rolled (39-40% beast fur shawl). It is a MORE multiplier on your es regen.

-Not checking 'Have you been Hit Recently?'

My character screen shows much less regen than PoB or what is needed?
Bonuses from recovery rate will not show up in the regen shown on your character screen. It is easy to calculate without PoB, though. For example, if your screen shows 3500 ES / sec, and you have 40% beast fur shawl, 15% increased es recovery rate belt, and 50% arakaali buff (implied if you are following this build), then your total es regen will be 3500 * (1 + 1.05) = 7175 ES / sec.

I followed everything but am not benefiting from Arakaali buff
Did you capture Arachnoxia for your Pantheon Buff?

I don't have enough ES or regen gear, is there a way to start the build earlier or play a cheaper version of this build?
Yes, instead of using 98% reduced duration skeletons, you can use 97% reduced duration skeletons and use a lvl 15+ Less Duration. You can check the math in path of building. This will lower your self damage from 2800 per second to about 2100 per second (skeleton duration between .3 and .4 seconds). Just make sure your immortal call duration is less than or equal to your skeleton duration.

This build starts to accumulate FPS lag if I stay in one area too long, is it just me?
No, I get this as well. I usually reload a delve map every 2 checkpoints.

Where can I see the StrangeClouds auto-caster build?
Build Guide

Videos (from v3.4)
T11 Mesa
T11 Shaped Underground Sea
T11 Shaped Jungle Valley
T11 Waterways
T12 Villa
T14 Acid Lakes (/w boss kill)
T15 Carcass (/w boss kill)
T15 Sunken City / Reef (/w both boss kills)

Delve Depth 263
Delve Depth 280

11/21/2018 - Changed CWDT lvl 17 to CWDT lvl 18, due to 5% increased damage taken from beast fur shawl. Added note about CWDT LVL 3 vs 4
11/23/2018 - Added note about CDR not currently being needed due to bug. Added warlord's mark as curse swap-in (for bosses only)
12/11/2018 - Added v3.5 notes, updated PoB and final tree for energy from within gem swap.
12/20/2018 - Added necro tree / some more notes for brand variant.
01/13/2019 - Update on necro brand variant.
01/15/2019 - Added some more betrayal update notes. Updated FAQ
03/22/2019 - Updated for v3.6 Synthesis
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Cool build!
9000 regen per second if you killed 30 enemies recently....
grimlock9999 wrote:
9000 regen per second if you killed 30 enemies recently....

This is what makes it pretty good for delving, since this is pretty much all the time in delves, LoL.
Do you think it would be better to grab the energy shield recharge rate nodes and ignore Ghost Reaver? That would be 110% increased ES recharge rate (then affected by Arakaali) for two more points. Or would this only work for ES "Recovery"?
Let's make a league about what players hate most: Opening doors, but even more slowly, backtracking through areas, clicking things that aren't in stacks excessively, escorting NPCs, losing everything on death, bugs, and crashes.
Ashriel wrote:
Do you think it would be better to grab the energy shield recharge rate nodes and ignore Ghost Reaver? That would be 110% increased ES recharge rate (then affected by Arakaali) for two more points. Or would this only work for ES "Recovery"?

Recharge rate is a form of Recovery, and is increased by the 100%+ recovery rate of this build. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Recovery

ES Recharge rate is the rate that your ES recharges after recharge begins. However this build is constantly taking damage, so does not benefit from faster start of energy shield recharge, or energy shield recharge rate.

Can you help me? I was putting the build together in Standard to decide if I wanted to try it. I've gotten pretty close but am having issues with my ES regen.


I have roughly the same ES as you, I THINK I've copied your tree to the T...but I have nowhere near your ES regen. I've toggled off your quicksilver flask that you use to imitate the Pantheon and I'm still a solid 700 regen or so lower than you. If I cast Golem in town I die in ~10 seconds.

I'm able to map with it sorta, thanks to Ascendancy, and if I run out of density I just toggle one of the rings to break the cycle. But I really want to get this going in a self sustaining cycle.
Update, I forgot that I don't have the boots enchanted yet. This gets me 200 regen on POE builder but I'm still pretty far off overall.
mebell333 wrote:
Update, I forgot that I don't have the boots enchanted yet. This gets me 200 regen on POE builder but I'm still pretty far off overall.

Sure. The main thing I found was that you didn't have discipline enabled. You will need to obtain high ES on your gear, or take more ES skill nodes, without high rolled recovery chest and belt.

You are missing several things:

Edit one of your flasks, and put
50% increased energy shield recovery rate
5% reduced damage taken from Damage over Time
25% reduced physical damage taken over time while moving (check moving in calcs tab)

2% recovery on boots is important, this becomes ~ 4% with recovery items

Your discipline aura was not enabled. This added a lot of ES and also ~4+% regen from watcher's eye.

Unspec out of ghost reaver unless you have a source of leech, put these points into more ES nodes.

Roll a higher Energy shield recovery rate on your beast fur shawl (40% ideal)

Roll energy shield recovery rate and CDR on your belt, or obtain more ES on other gear / take more ES nodes.

fixed PoB:

Also if you are on standard, you can try using a 800+ es chest, instead of beast fur shawl, and get es recovery on belt too if you can.

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