StrangeCloud's [2.02] Sustainable Perpetual Auto Caster

Build of the week S05E01!

Gameplay Video(HD video Available)
Underground Sea Map

Self Sustainable Cast on Minion Death

Highlight of the Build
~ It's Bright... will give you sun spots if you stare at it too long
~ FINALLY a build to give you the excuse to use all those alternative skill MTX effects
~ adaptive playstyle - you choose the skills
~ can be play with 1 hand
~ Dual Curse, Elemental Equilibrium
~ Crit Build, Self Shock Proliferation
~ Choas Inoculation


~ Require High Level, don't even try this with a character under 85
lacks single target DPS
Can be difficult to find the right gear but NOT expansive(moderately cheap 4-6ex range)

Required Uniques:
The Heart and Soul of the build
x 6-7
x 5(20% x4, 18% x 1)

Everything else is completely optional.

Build Mechanics
This build works by using multiple CWDT linked to a bunch of skills all over our gear. We can trigger our CWDT multiple times a second. This is achieved by having having a Summon Skeletons linked to CWDT with the skeletons duration only being 2%(0.4s) of their base duration thanks to the 5 Army of bones Jewels we have in out tree. It is not recommend to go 0.3% as the regen required is substain that is almost too difficult to achieve. We also can not go below 0.25second as CWDT has a internal cooldown of 0.25 <-- this is the theoretical max damage out put you can achieve if you can somehow find a way to out regen the damage/sec done to yourself.

The Perpetual cycle
The Loops happens when you take damage for the first time, you trigger the CWDT + Summon Skeletons. The skeletons expires 0.4s after they are summoned; the death of your minions will trigger HeartBound Loop's unique mod of taking 350 damage(or 700 since summon skeleton summons skeletons in pairs) to yourself whenever your minions is killed or expires. This self Damage is further modified by the unique jewel FragileBloom as well as Maligario's restraint self shock. This allows you to run a high level CWDT but also means your taking a ton of self inflected damage. The self inflected damage will trigger your CWDT + Summon Skeleton again and the loop refreshes none stop unless your stunned.

With our 0.4s skeleton duration I estimated that without any physical reduction what so ever you need roughly 3,000 ES regen a second which I have achieve with High ES and a lot of regen. If you modify the skeletons duration is be greater then 0.4s you can get away with less regen and vice verse if you achieve 0.3s, you need even more regen to completely cancel out the self inflected damage.

Stun weakness
As many of you might know, if you get stunned it interrupts your spell cast. Thus in order to counter this we use Cyclone, or if you want to replace the amulet with
that is also fine. I think moving down to unwavering stance is a bit too inefficient but it is another possibility

My current Gear and gem setup

Look for Rare rings with high ES and Resist
Look for High %ES + High Crit + Crit Multi. Sadly mine just got defensive stats. Furthermore other options are: if you want to avoid any kind of stuns. You can use:

suicide belt to most people, but a useful belt to this buide. We're a Crit build with Arc(+Prolif) + Shock Nova The Dmg boost is amazing since we do not have a lot of spell damage elsewhere. Other options are Rare Chain belt for ES + resist or Auxium for a good ES boost.
Look for Spell damage, Spell Crit, Crit Multi, added elemental Damage to spell, and maybe INT or a Resist
Need a High ES Shield, resist are good and spell damage or Spell crit would be amazing.
High ES helm, get your Resists
Need very High ES Body since we're CI this is the main piece of defense.
VoidBringers are very Good for its Spell crit and we don't care about the increase skill mana use since we can cast without mana
High Es boot, Resist, move speed

Passive Tree

Bandit Rewards

Normal - Kill all
Cruel - Kill all
Merciless - Help Alira

Other Variant:
Discharge With Voll's Devotion and Romira's Banquet

Thank You For Reading!
Give this post a bump if you like the build, so others can see :D

If you got any question about this build, pm me in game or post questions here.
IGN: Deadman_Wonderland

My other Build guides:

RIP as of [Patch 2.0] ShatterBolt~
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My hat is off to your brilliance sir. In the video, I can see that you have multiple shock status on you. Is the shock effect stack on your and do you feel too rippy using maligaro's restrain?
Bull's PoE Build compilation:
F4F_Lucifer wrote:
My hat is off to your brilliance sir. In the video, I can see that you have multiple shock status on you. Is the shock effect stack on your and do you feel too rippy using maligaro's restrain?
It is from the maligaro's restraint however the stacks effect doesn't seem to apply, else I would be super dead in times where I have 10+ stacks on myself.
Looks awesome! I was wondering wether someone could come up with a masochistic build since punishment's changed.

The mechanics are definetly interesting, might even try this out myself to troll my friends a little xD
Great job. I've been working on a similar build with VMS and/or Cast when Stunned.
I cant stress how clever and awesome this is. Personally I believe the ultimate goal one can achieve in PoE is making an original build, making use of clever game mechanics. This build does exactly that, combining jewel mechanics with gear to create a loop which can be used. I am impressed.
I was expecting this kind of build as soon as that unique came out. Don't even know why I lost it out of sight...
Cool build!
wouldn't non crit be more effective? it would also be cheaper

personal question; did you watch the anime or did you read the manga? or both? I personally like the manga a lot, the anime is kinda meh(Deadman Wonderland if you wonder what I mean)

Crit has a lot of adventage over non crit main higher dps and status aliments. Also if you take a look at the tree all the spell crit clusters are right on the paths so it is 100% efficient to get those.

Watched Anime very good anime loved it.

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