[3.8] Dominating Blow Juggernaut - SSF / Beginner / League Starter

Gawdsmack wrote:
I am really new to the game..and I am confused as to what I am summoning? what is SSF?

Dominating Blow summons Sentials (white and gold dudes in pic) and SSF means Solo Self Found, meaning you can't team with anyone or trade in that league. it is just how some prefer to play
Thanks for the update :)
Hey there, an amazing and super fun build, never played with dominating blow before and the unique kinda style of melee/summoner bruiser hybrid really gave me that refreshing feeling after mostly playing flame totem and RF builds. Outstanding work. As an exclusively HC player (and not a very skilled one at that), I wholeheartedly confirm that this build is HC viable, beginner friendly, and that on a budget too. I invested in The Brass Dome because I love the build, however it is indeed not mandatory.

I have a sweaty moment question. I'm standing at the gates of the Eternal (uber?) Labyrinth. Currently the character is level 87, sporting:
-5,4k hp,
-76% standing physical damage reduction (with ability to easily hit the 90% cap through up to 6 endurance charges),
-fortify on hit,
-127(75)/91(75)/100(75)% standing elemental resistances (elemental weakness covered with endurance charges on),
-36% chaos resistance,
-421 life regeneration per second (524 with the stone golem, holy relic makes it even higher),
-enfeeble+molten shell CWDT setup with increased duration,
-vortex CWDT setup with unbound ailments,
-no extra damage taken from critical strikes thanks to rocking a 5l Brass Dome (Grounding Quicksilver flask takes care of the shock),
-Staunching, Bubbling, Grounding, Heat flasks at the ready with addition of Atziri's Promise for some extra damage and modest life leech (since Granite and Basalt flasks became obsolete when I put The Brass Dome on)
-Unstoppable+Unbreakable+Unflinching ascendancies due to choosing the more defensive pathing with Resolute Technique keystone
-tooltip dps of 12k (14k with Atziri on), obviously that's much higher with all the bois up and running etc. (I'm blasting through T7 maps atm, just gotta be careful and aware as per usual when it comes to HC play, sweaty moments happen but simply not everything can be mindlessly facetanked obviously, looking at you no-one-expects-the-Abaxoth-the-end-of-all-that-is. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to burst through higher tiers if I had them drop.)

I'm carefully confident when it comes to dealing with traps. The question is: am I ready for the final Izaro fight, oh wise one?
is it possible to play it in berzerker ?
I am using this build and loving it. I started with this and have been breezing through content. While the build is great you mentioned an RT version that I thought I'd try a bit just to get a comparison. My question though is, if you went RT would it be better to swap to dread banner or keep war?
Is one piece of mana leech gear really enough to avoid mana problems with 85% reserved? It seems like it could get clunky.
Any chance we get this updated for harvest? Curious about clusters and how this may change passive pathing.
Here to support a Harvest update as well :)
I haven't been playing PoE for a year, so I guess you know more about the game than me to update the build. From what I see, Dom Blow is better than before and that's great. There are some great guides out there, like Ziz Guardian DB and if you still want to play with jugger (or any other ascendancy), its easy to adjust it. Don't know if I'll be updating it again, I'll Just leave a pob pastebin for now.

Still levelling so this is a very early take. It's also a very simplistic approach, no Herald of Purity, Blood magic, no cluster jewels etc.

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