[3.8] Dominating Blow Juggernaut - SSF / Beginner / League Starter

hi i try your build and i was wondring why im always comitted suicide because of my minion?
Now that the 3.6 passive tree is up, I hope you will be updating the guide.

Holy shit!

At first I was intrigued by how cheap and effective this build might turn out.
I never expected it to so expandable!

With a medium gear I was able to achieve a theoretical max dps of ~500k.

However, once you get The Scourge, things really go through the roof. Using double Scourge, Herald lvl 21, Dominating Blow 21lvl and 20qual, PoB got me around 2MILION dps mark. Thats only theoretical, but still impressive. Given how relatively cheap this is compared to other builds that achieve mil+ dps.

My suggestions for high-end gear would be getting +2 Level of socketed Minion gems on Bone Helm, Herald and Dominating Blow lvl 21, Scourge and Victario's Charity (the frenzy charge boost to minions' dps is higher than dual wielding two Scourges).

Also during boss fights, it can get hard to get all the minions, so I think The Writhing Jar might help with that.

In the end this is a great started build with good dependability.
Definitely recommended!
Edit: Check the new HoP rings variation. Opened a lot of new potential.
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Tested myself and clear all content. Super tanky and real nice dps.

Hey I've been running this for almost a week now. Definitely good for SSF. I'm at T11, and it isn't showing signs of slowing down, even with needing some gear upgrades.

Could someone help me out and post their rough dps numbers for DB, DB minions, and HoP minions, as well as life from PoB? Trying to see if I am doing alright.

Currently 84 missing last ascendancy
DB : 10.2k
DB Minions : 12.5k
HoP : 33k
Life : 4k
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What I would do is try to craft more ghastly jewels. Go for life and minion attack/cast speed. You just need alterations for that. Also spend some time in delve and look for bound fossils to craft some claws. Run some merci labs as well since there are few enchantments that can help the build.

As for the tree, try without mana flows. You should be ok since you have some regen and leech.
Is it better to get % to minion damage after using a minion skill or minion attack/cast speed?
Attack speed, especially if you play with 1h and shield.

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