[3.5] Dominating Blow Juggernaut - Beginner / League Starter / SSF


Positive: Banners, easier access to bestiary aspects, more crafting options for minions with the new system.
Negative: Lower drop rate for The Scourge and The Brass Dome
Neutral: The change in Herald of Purity makes elemental variation not needed. That's kind of a positive since physical variation is simpler and tankier.

Why Juggernaut?
Because we can cover our defences from ascendancy and body armour, so we don't have to sacrifice important sources of damage. Also being melee and having to rely on minions, withstanding the damage is the main parameter for dom blow to shine.

-Very Cheap
-Very Tanky
-Good damage (1~3 mil)*
-Uber Lab farmer
-Can do all map mods (avoid phys reflect though)
-Relaxed playstyle
-Room for MF gear
-Beginner/League Starter/SSF friendly

-Average Clearing
-Phys reflect doable but annoying
-High dexterity requirement from gear
-Melee summoner, meaning you might have to make adjustments if your pets are dying faster than you can summon them (Shaper+ difficulty, Hall of the Grandmasters)**.


-Leveled gems
-From cheap gear with no situational buffs, to expensive gear with all buffs active (vaal haste, flesh offering, aspect of the spider, placed banner).
-Assuming all minions you can summon on a boss, are active and hitting. 9 normal sentinels of dominance, 4 sentinels of purity.


Build is shaper viable, but you should try it after you reached some decent damage, or you might prolong the fight since minions die very easily to his attacks. I haven't tested harder content yet but possible solutions might be vaal breach or manual summoning minions, like raise zombie or vaal summon skeletons.

Tree and build decisions:

Budget example:

Expensive variation example:



Helmet: Herald of purity-Minion damage-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage

Chest: Dominating Blow-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage-Multistrike-Maim-Ruthless (Boss) / Melee Splash (Clearing)

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 20)-Immortal Call-Summon Stone Golem || War Banner / Dread Banner*

Whirling Blades-Blood Magic-Faster Attacks-Fortify

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)-Enfeeble (lvl 5)-Convocation (lvl 5)

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)-Desecrate (lvl 7)-Flesh Offering (lvl 8)

Ring Slot: Vaal Haste**

*: Dread banner is the most defensive option. Considering damage, PoB does not calculate impale yet, so no idea.
**: Keep Vaal Haste at lvl 10 if you want to lower dexterity requirements.

Why not Minion Damage on chest?
You can use Minion Damage instead of Ruthless on bosses and Melee Splash instead of Melee Physical or Maim on clearing. Minions will do higher damage on bosses but you'll lose damage on your hit which might be noticeable on clearing.

Gem setup
Gem setup is pretty versatile. You can use things like Animate Guardian, Vaal summon skeletons etc. Customize to your liking. Also keep in mind that level 21 gems on Dominating blow and Herald of Purity, make a difference on damage of minions.


Bone helmet with "+ to level of socketed minion gems"
Another option, is elder helmet with "socketed gems are supported by level # Minion Damage".
Lab enchant with "+1 to max number of sentinels of Purity" has almost the same boss damage as the bone helmet implicit. Dom blow enchants help only with clearing, so you don't have to bother with an enchant at all.

Body Armour

The Brass Dome is my personal preference in terms of defences. Other than that, any armour chest with life and resistances will do.
Ideally we want a "+2 to level of socketed duration gems" corruption for max damage, but it's not important as damage is more than enough without it.

We need one rare ring with "Grants level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill".

Stygian vise (for another jewel slot) with life and resistances

This is the most important part when it comes to damage.We want Ghastly jewels with the following stats:

-Increased Minion damage if you used a minion skill recently
-Minions have #% increased attack/cast speed
-Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage

-Maximum Life
-Minions have #% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks

If you are satisfied with your HP, you can skip it on jewels and just go for damage. Blind is very useful for defence, but you need it in only one jewel.
You can just craft magic ones with "+ to maximum life" and "Minions have #% increased attack/cast speed", when starting.

Cobalt jewels with "minions deal #% increased damage" are also an option.

We have 2 options. Either 2 x The Scourge or The Scourge and Victario's Charity

Victario's Charity gives more damage when all frenzy charges are up and also more defences. The problem is that we take a big hit in attack speed which means we summon minions slower on bosses. So use either one of those options depending on your gear.

From remaining gear, we need the following stats:

-Attack speed is good but don't sacrifice anything important to get it

We need 1 item with "#% of physical attack damage leeched as mana".
We can get it from ring, amulet, gloves.

We also need one of the two rings to be an unset one, to socket vaal haste or banners.

Since we don't need any flasks for damage purposes, we can use whatever helps us survive, depending on the situation, or use utility ones. The "must have" modifiers we need on magic flasks are "Removes bleeding" and "Removes freeze and chill". You can have those on life flasks. Some other good options are:

Silver Flask: Gives us attack speed, thus faster summoning on bosses.
Sulphur flask: Creates consecrated ground, which increases our life regen.
Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire flasks: Use any of those depending on the occasion to lessen elemental damage taken.

3.5 Map gear

My first set of gear for starting maps. Total cost around 30c on 3d day of the league. Jewels are self crafted.

Leveling and SSF:
You can level with any skill you want until you get Dom Blow, Sunder/Ground Slam are good options.On tree progression go like this:
-Resolute Technique
-Spiritual Command
-Spiritual Aid

Other than that, jewel slots can help early on.Uniques that might also help are the following:
-Tabula rasa with a "+2 to level of socketed duration gems"
-Earendel's Embrace or Severed in Sleep

Both The Scourge and The Brass Dome, can be farmed from Guardians (Chimera and Minotaur).Until then, you can craft weapons with minion damage using:
-Bound Fossil
-Essence of Fear
-New Crafting Table


Unoptimized gear (borrowed from my other chars), just testing it as a league starter for betrayal. The actual cost of all items that affect damage, is less than 60c (Helmet, Weaps, Jewels, Essence Worm).

Maze of the Minotaur:

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