Resources for New Players and Super Stash Sale

Hey! Welcome everyone! Path of Exile community welcomes every new player!!! Happy that community is growing so fast!

Ty GGG for hard work and awesome game! But GGG pls start working on anti-bot system so we can play with clean game! Need something done to remove bots!
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Not sure where those daily updates are happening, but certainly not at the forum here.

There are dry periods of weeks, where not a single Official posts anything here. (I don´t count mtx sales as news).

If you really want to help new players, then hand out a few free stash tabs. You add more and more every league, it´s impossible for a new player with just four.

When I bought mine, the game completely changed from being annoying to being fun.
Wraeclast might not be so welcoming, but, the community and devs are. ♥
Can we get a stash tab purchase option to UPGRADE/CONVERT normal size premium tabs to the large (4x) ones? I don't have any issues paying for tabs, I love supporting this game....

However I really don't want MORE tabs that I have to scroll through! I'd rather upgrade some of my existing ones to just be larger!

In addition, it would be amazing if you added a stash tab preset/save feature so that each new league we could instantly apply the naming and ordering of our tabs the way we want it without having to manually do it every league!
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gibbousmoon wrote:

What a bizarre argument.

Not really its very simple, people like yourself have erroded the meaning of "P2W" down to the point of intellectual dishonesty at best and complete meaninglessness at worst.

"Pay to win" and "incentive to pay" have become unnecessary synonyms because of people who can't understand how the world functions, how they can't have free things at the same time that the creator of those things makes no money from them and goes homeless for his unpaid work. You would ask that they include ZERO INCENTIVE to ever pay for anything, this has never stopped from the first F2P game on, no matter how much the Developer avoids "pay 2 win" there are still people who aren't satisfied and so they move the goal posts to some other intellectually dishonest unreachable ideal. I've seen this argument play out in so many game forums, I've watched you people move the goal posts at every turn at some point you ABSOLUTELY will be making the argument that MTX can't look too good or its "Pay to win" because if some other player feels better about how his character looks well then that player "wins" by virtue of feeling slightly better.

It is NOT REASONABLE. You guys argue your points with your pseudo rational justifications while in the real world, Men have rent to pay and Children to feed and lives to live. Expecting them to not SO MUCH AS give incentive to someone to spend money on a great product is naivety bordering on mental deficiency.

The expectation of even MORE "freeness" than simply being able to play the entire game with 4 tabs and using Acquisition to trade, can only be the mindset of someone who's never had to pay rent or have a job. Being angry at a company that pays (probably) upwards of $50,000 dollars a month just for office space, and then 100+ Salaries averaging (last I looked) a game industry average of $80,000 per year.

But you go on thinking the ten bucks or so they want you to pay them for some added convenience is "pay to win" that the incentives of easier trade without needing Acquisition and easier item keeping without wanting to Mule items while they let you play the product of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF MAN HOURS FOR NO COST is "pay to win" I would expect nothing less. It is the incessant bellwether of a small contingent of players on every F2P modeled game in the industry and they all share one unavoidably obvious trait: they are people who don't understand how the real world works, it is the only way they could take the minutia of incentivized purchases and blow them up into a dishonest narrative about the game where only people who pay get to play.
GGG: We're happy if 2000 people out of 85,000 get a relic key and yet we wonder why 20% of the player base plays past mid maps
GGG: "Risk vs Reward" where reward is a Dice roll, to win another dice roll; for a chance of a reward then a 5% chance that reward is the good one of 5
so, how do i find new skill gems or updated skill gems?
great help and great business.
all well done ggg
Love you referencing community made stuff. GGG best developer all in all, hands down.
Resources for New(Diablo) players.
Yo I've been playing the game for over 5 years now, do you think you could disable the tutorial, stop telling me I've unlocked a new help page about PvP every time I log in, and stop telling me I have unbound keys every time I log in?


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