Path of Exile is Coming to PS4

I strictly game PS4 and been wanting to play this game for years and am so glad to hear that its actually coming out for PS4! Thank you devs!
I just bought PS4 Pro, and i want to start league on this platform :-D
Old player here (from the beginning )
I stopped too really enjoy this game recently but ps4 version will me come back .

the gameplay looks like harder than pc version , no logout macro, hard to use flask, no speed meta...

looks like before nemesis league lol

So exciting to come back
This good news for us PS4 counsel players. any advice for new player especially for some one new to MMO. my plan was to buy D3 but after I see your announcements I decided to give it chance
xonsuns wrote:
I will never understand arpg in console (much less mobile phone!)
I get the company see the oportunity to grab some cash, but for me is a no-sense in a player perspective.

After the disgusting taste in my mouth because of the diabloimmortal-gate, now 2 news of GGG i cant care less. But waiting to know about 3.5, for me Delve is one of the best leagues with Breach (even when i have to play "standard mode" for 10 maps to get some fuel to do the actual new content for 3 minutes or less)

Then you need some perspective. Hopefully I can give you some.

1. My laptop, while being i7, can barely handle this game and overheats without an external fan
2. I can't spend money on a better laptop and a PC would solely be for gaming, it's not something I can do
3. Playing games like this on a PC/laptop is taxing on my shoulders and arms, I've had a slipped disc already and I get sore after a while from holding my arms up.

So, the PS4 is going to be perfect. I can get comfortable in my chair with the remote and play endlessly.

Its almost february and not a single update how the work is going...
While I'm sure we share similar levels of anticipation I'd much rather prefer to experience a polished product upon release than to have to wait for a series of patches to make it playable. Devs should take all the time they feel is needed.
Since GGG is owned by Tencent, based on my deduction, PS4 port will probably released earliest after Chinese New Year 15th day -> 21/02/19 when most of da decision makers back from their holidays. Worst case will be in March for new league and V3.6.
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Why does the PS mobile site state that it’s “Out Now” but when look for it on the PS4 I don’t see anything?
Ez1907 wrote:
There is a huge community who play games with their family on local coop on consols.

And lots of video game websites suggest diablo 3 as the number 1 game for couch coop.

GGG,please give us a local coop mode,i dont care if its a paid addon.We'll will still choose Poe over Diablo.

Yes please couch coop. Figure it out. I understand you can't have done that by this release but PLEASE work on it. I'll buy micros if you do!

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