Path of Exile is Coming to PS4

You guys have PS4s now don't you?

I wonder why PS4 only?

Edit: I suck, I had somehow completly missed that it is on Xbox...
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hope you keep in mind, that we (most) are still PC players and we want content designed around pc (not content wich only is possible for booth pc/console)
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it's either too late or too early for april
the 2020 more positive version
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gg GGG
I lost my hope for better future
Grats and good luck!

Is it me or Witch has new voice...?
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Forum moderation is pathetic.

There's nothing I regret more [PoE-wise] than starting to read this forum because of Charan's posts. I'm extremely happy he left, because that made me leave too; I wish him well IRL and to never come back here.
And there I was hoping for Path of Exile: Eternal on mobile.
The trailer is Fing gorgeous!
Will there be crossplay with PC?

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