Path of Exile is Coming to PS4

You guys have PS4s now don't you?

I wonder why PS4 only?

Edit: I suck, I had somehow completly missed that it is on Xbox...
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hope you keep in mind, that we (most) are still PC players and we want content designed around pc (not content wich only is possible for booth pc/console)
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it's either too late or too early for april
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gg GGG
I lost my hope for better future
Grats and good luck!

Is it me or Witch has new voice...?
The Bother progress: 11%

You don't even imagine how much harm you've caused. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to finish "The Bother". You're one of my murderers. You will never get my forgiveness unless you make up for what you've done.
And there I was hoping for Path of Exile: Eternal on mobile.
The trailer is Fing gorgeous!
Will there be crossplay with PC?

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