Path of Exile is Coming to PS4

Yes! I am so happy, I bought a mac instead of windows laptop and I couldn't play POE for years, and I have PS4 and not XB so this news is amazing for me. Finally! Thank you GGG
I can finally stop trying to play PoE on my laptop and enjoy it on a larger screen. My laptop is pretty bad so a PS4 version will likely be an upgrade! (I'll miss using a mouse and keyboard).
not gonna play again until linux client
Can we get linux (debian, ubuntu) support?
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Thanks for bringing the news to read, easy to understand.
Will we be able to use the same account and characters as on PC?
Thank you so much GGG <3 Although RIP wallet, more MTX to buy!
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Will we be able link our pc account to our ps4?
I came here to ask about this once I heard the news.

Will this have functionality with the Vita's remote play?
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Ez1907 wrote:
There is a huge community who play games with their family on local coop on consols.

And lots of video game websites suggest diablo 3 as the number 1 game for couch coop.

GGG,please give us a local coop mode,i dont care if its a paid addon.We'll will still choose Poe over Diablo.


I'd bother to buy a ps4 if this game had local co-op on it.
I make eggs.

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