Path of Exile is Coming to PS4

Great news! I have a questions - will we be able to link our PC and PS4 GGG/ PoE accounts like I can do on FF14 for example?

Great News!!! Kinda excited to try POE on PS4!!!
TwinScrew wrote:
I came here to ask about this once I heard the news.

Will this have functionality with the Vita's remote play?
all PS4 games are compatible with RemotePlay. Sony requires it. The only time they allow games to skip Remote Play is when the game itself wouldn’t work (requires the PS Move controllers or such). The RemotePlay functionality is built into the PS4 at a hardware level, so the only thing the developers need to do is make sure that the controls pare down to the Vita’s configuration easily.
I hope that there will be some cross-account functionality, especially given the recent positive developments in that direction with Fortnite. I’d also love to see this kind of system with Warframe, too.
Surely impossible, but I'm hoping I can migrate/log into my standard characters on ps4; my MTX would be a nice reason for me to switch to console where I have friends waiting for me to teach them how to PoE 😅
If it has couch co-op, I will drag my friends kicking and screaming in to the game.
I can't wait to try this game!
Really looking forward.
When can we expect the PS4 forums? When it launches?
Maybe having them up a week or so prior could be useful.
someone can tell do we need PS+ subscription for playin POE on ps4 ?
Question about PS4 launch date.

Game with arrive on PS4 on 7th December or Mid December together with Betrayal.

On website you wrote a note.
PC 7th
XBox 10th
PS4 mid December

Is that means PS4 players will not get POE on PS4 before at least 14th of December. Yes?

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