[3.4] Consecrated Path Dual Nebuloch Juggernaut - Low Start Cost, With Trade links and PoB Codes

Welcome to a guide on how to easily get up and going with dual wielding Nebuloch's while using Consecrated Path!
Feel free to ask questions or add comments that can improve the guide and the build.

About The Build

This is a build that goes straight to the enemies neck.
Very few things cause an immediate threat as you stun most mobs, even also some bosses. So if you are aware of the few things that is a real danger in the game, like standing in the middle of 20 flame bearer mobs when they die in a -max res map, or teleporting straight into a pack of Porcupine's without endurance charges up, you will be all good and merry and laugh at everything that runs at you without barely making a scratch in your shiny overpriced mtx armor.

This is a 100% Fire based elemental damage melee build that utilize the synergy between the Juggernauts endurance charge oriented ascendancies and the Nebuloch mace's properties. The synergy gives the build both offensive and defensive benefits from endurance charges combined with resistance penetration from gear, skill gems and the passive tree. It also reaps the benefit from the Elemental Overload node by not being based on the Resolute Technique node, but it is not a crit oriented build.

Consecrated Path was introduced as a new melee skill in 3.4. It creates Consecrated Ground when it hits that provides additional (6%) life regeneration. Added with the other sources of regen the build benefits from it outweighs the drawback of the 200 fire damage taken pr. endurance charge pr. second from the Nebuloch's (wich also was lowered from 400 in 3.4)

Leveling Section

I suggest starting with Molten Strike and then switch to Sunder. It can be obtained after killing Merveil in Act 1. Link it with Added Fire Damage, Melee Phys, Faster Attacks, Ruthless support gems. After level 38 you can then buy Multistrike and add it to the Sunder setup.

In Act 2 we Kill All the Bandits for 2 Passive points.

Click here for more info about fast Marauder leveling in this Reddit thread!

From level 1 to 20 first take take the life nodes up to Born To Fight node, then head down to the Duelist area and take Art of The Gladiator.

Link to Level 1-20 Tree

Then go trough the Strong Arm node and up to Resolute Technique, pick it until you do the first Labyrinth Trial and choose Undeniable as Juggernaut.

Level 45 Tree

Level 68 Tree

Level 68; This is where you equip the Nebuloch's, Kaom's rings and take Avatar of Fire and Elemental Overload!

Level 90 Tree

Level 100 Tree with Xoph's Blood Amulet

Good leveling items:

Skill Gems

To begin with I recommend using the following core gem setups:

Body Armor:

Take out Endurance Charge on Melee Stun if you only have a 5-link

Weapon 1:

When Combustion ignites an enemy they get -19% fire resist, it adds extra damage with the main skill.

Weapon 2:

Here you can choose to use Enfeeble or Flammability for either a defensive or offensive curse.



Optional: Purity of Elements if you have trouble geting enough resists from gear

Starter Gear and Prices with Trade Links

This is what I think is the minimum gear requirements. Stats, gear breakdown and cost analyziz (click on links, choose your league to see costs).
Added up the total cost of all the gear required is a total of around 350 chaos orbs, or 3 exalted orbs. In addition comes the costs of linking items, the skill gems, and master crafts. If you get this then these are some of the stats you will have at level 90:

6000 Life
250 000 DpS on a 5-link gem setup without flasks active
9 Endurance charges
30 000 Armor with charges up
90% physical mitigation with charges up
17% Block Chance
1150 life regen pr. second
1400 life leech pr. second
80% max resistances
115+% fire resistance with charges up
115+% cold "
115+% lightning "
27% Chaos resistance

The build requires 3 core items: the weapons, body armor and rings:

Weapon is two of the Nebuloch's.

They cost from 10 chaos and up. Get two of these with at least 38% fire damage and 230 Pdps

Body armor is Loreweave:

Costs from 100 chaos and up, get a minimum 5-link with 80% max resists.

Rings are 2 Kaom's Sign, they provide the Endurance charges we need.

Cost 1-2 chaos each.

Helmet is Hrimnor's Resolve.

Great cheap helm with all the stats that we need, costs 1-5 chaos.

Gloves are 1 socket Tombfist's, or yellow with life, attack speed and resists.

They cost 5-10 chaos for a pair, socket a Murderous Eye in Tombfist for Intimidate on Hit.

Boots Is Kaom's Roots or rare with life, movespeed and resists, try to get with a open suffix that you can craft a resist with Haku.

Costs 10-20c for a pair

Amulet is yellow with life, physical attack damage, minimum 70% resists and dexterity. Try to get one with a open suffix so you can master craft a resist with Elreon.

Costs around 10 chaos

Belt is a yellow Stygian Vise with life and Ele. Damage and resists.

They cost around 15-20 chaos

Jewels is an important part of the build, we want 6 yellow ones of these with life, attack speed, and double resists. 1 Murderous Eye for the glove socket and any other Abyss Jewel in the belt.

They will cost between 5-30 chaos each, make sure to buy ones that balance your resists.

Flasks are as follow:

Cost of these will be around 30 chaos total

Endgame Gear Section

The following items will be what you upgrade to when you have the currency available.

Rings: 2 Kaom's Way.

They cost about 2 exalt each, and can also be made with the King's Path prophecy

Boots: Kaom's Roots with +1 Endurance charge corruption.

They cost 1-2 exalt, get as high life as possible.

Helmet:Fossil crafted Armor helmet with life, resists and Nearby Enemies Have -9% To Fire Resistance mod. Ideally also with a Consecrated Path lab enchant - Damage, radius or teleport range.

These can be crafted with fire and life fossils , or cost from about 1 ex and up.

Gloves: 2-socket Tombfists

They cost about 1.5 exalt

Body Armor: A 6-linked good rolls Loreweave with 80% max resists.

Link your 5-link with fuses, or buy a 6-link for about 4 exalts.

Jewels: Double damage modded, %life, %resist rare yellow jewels

If you can get 5-6 of these you are set.


Belt: Stygian Vise with good stats

High life, a lot of resists and high damage.

Amulet Xhop's Blood Unique amulet.

Takes your damage to the next level. Ash gives you 20% increased damage and 20% reduced movement speed for your enemies. Built in Avatar of Fire frees up 4-5 skill points on the tree.

Weapon: Nebuloch with a good corruption

Can be Fortify on Hit, Attack Speed, Phys. damage, Area of Effect or Onslaught

Optional Endgame Gear

Amulet: Aul's Uprising with Vitality mod

With this amulet Vitality reserves no mana, it opens the possibility to take the Blood Magic nodes and gain a huge boost to life and life regeneration.
On the behalf of some damage though.

Belt: Elder yellow belt with life, elemental damage, resists and life recovery rate

Belts like these boost your life regeneration even further, best used in conjunction with the Watcher's Eye. Mods can not be crafted on Stygian belts.

Wathcer's Eye Jewel Life Recovery Rate when affected by Vitality

Takes life and leech regen to the next level. Requires the Vitality aura.
Costs from 7 exalt and up. You can even get double or triple Vitality mods on these jewels, but the cost is very high.

My Gear@lvl 100

Don't expect this level of gear without heavy investment.
Use it as a pointer of what is possible to achieve by min/maxing the build.

PoB-code lvl 100 with this gear : https://pastebin.com/YJfFXEPu

Ascendancies and Pantheon

We choose Juggernaut and this is my suggested order.
Node nr.4 is optional, it may be better to take the regen node before aquiring Kaom's Way rings, do what you feel is right.

These Pantheon choices is a geneal recommendation as they can be situational.

Tips and Tricks

Open all the trade tabs when looking for gear, and activate the Live Search function. You will then be notified when new items comes up for sale.

Use Path of Building to decide exatly what stats you need on items to balance your resists. Then add these stats in the live trade searches.

If you get all your resists at the exact same level, you will get all the benefits from The Wise Oak flask. If you can't, make sure fire resist is the highest so the penetration bonus from our 100% fire damage is active during flask effect.

By wearing
and using a movement skill, you will automatically gain endurance charges. Great for boss fights and other situations where there isn't any chance of getting charges (because without them the build is super squishy)

If you roll a Cannot Leech, %Less/No regen map you can just change a red gem in the main skill setup with a Blood Magic gem, then the map becomes possible to run.

If you find a Unidentified Corrupted Map use a totem to test if it has the Elemental Reflect mode that will kill you. If the totem instantly dies, so will you if you use your attack skill.

Path of Building code

Path of Building is a excellent tool for build theorycrafting and testing.
Here is the code for level 90 that you can copy into PoB to see the gear and stats for this build with the items posted in the Gear section:



Aul The Crystal King at lvl 651 https://youtu.be/e7_evndrFWQ

Ahuatotli The Blind Boss Fight https://youtu.be/agay541f5mc

Kurgal The Blackblooded https://youtu.be/af6pnT60TcU

The Shaper https://youtu.be/2ZcoEsoC32k

Uber Elder https://youtu.be/aOWGXQUbgvE

Double Beyond T16 Toxic Sewer https://youtu.be/KseP-Ekvikc

Hall of Grandmasters https://youtu.be/QKqjyWAAeSM

Gear used in Uber Elder Video

PoB-code: https://pastebin.com/Z5jN1vhs

External Links and Resources

Here are links to other players guides and characters doing more or less the same build.

A Beginner's Guide to PoE: https://sites.google.com/view/thetwilightstrand/home

Poe.ninja's build overview. Use as resource for ideas about different gem combos and gear upgrades:

mbXtreme's video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MoN3p_3hQY

E.E's video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAuTev6ZYPI

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[3.4] Consecrated Path Dual Nebuloch Juggernaut - view-thread/2236076
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Last bumped on Nov 18, 2018, 11:58:23 AM
This is work in progress, feel free to ask any questions and add ideas that can improve the guide :)
[3.4] Farrul's Hybrid Blade Vortex Trickster - view-thread/2125255
[3.4] Consecrated Path Dual Nebuloch Juggernaut - view-thread/2236076
Kitty's Guide On Post Formatting - view-thread/1913874
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great job will test is today
Completed 40 ChallengesDkodr wrote:
This is work in progress, feel free to ask any questions and add ideas that can improve the guide :)

This is a nice start! Thank you for putting it together.

three other sections that might be helpful would be:

1) a tree leveling guide (to show us which nodes to take first and which nodes to leave until later).

2) some suggestions of what to do when leveling the character in terms of gear and skills.

3) general game play explanation (ie just a quick explanation of how you approach each pack and fight them (leap slam into them to proc fortify etc) and a quick explanation of how to approach single target bosses).

I am looking forward to trying this.
Last edited by AndyLovesHisBge on Oct 15, 2018, 8:28:37 PM
I do have two general questions after my suggestions above.

1) When looking at the POB link you provided, I noticed the fully buffed DPS (all flasks active etc) is still fairly low for an end game build.

How does this build take down the end game bosses? Do you need extreme mouse skill to be able to stay alive long enough to allow the low dps to finally whittle down an end game boss or am I missing something in the game play that can attack single targets better than I understand?

I am going to watch the videos link you provided to see if I can figure it out.

2) The POB link shows the defense mitigation is at the cap of 90% before using Lion's Roar. How does Lion's Roar help this build? Is it just for the knock back and extra damage and ignores the armor boost?
Last edited by AndyLovesHisBge on Oct 15, 2018, 8:50:27 PM
I do have two general questions after my suggestions above.

1) When looking at the POB link you provided, I noticed the fully buffed DPS (all flasks active etc) is still fairly low for an end game build.

How does this build take down the end game bosses?

ok, after watching the videos you provided I think I can answer my question.

It looks like this works because you can stay in place and continually hit the single target bwith damage instead of constant circling and or the hit and jump away technique. So even though the DPS is lower than other end game builds, because you can provide more constant damage to the single target, it works out.

Do I have this theory correct in general because of the characters strong defense mitigation?
I do have two general questions after my suggestions above.

1. The build is very tanky so most bosses can just be facetanked without issues
It takes a bit longer, but since you almost take no damage it's not a big

The starter version is quiet good, but will get even better with the
endgame gear consisting of 2 Kaom's Way rings that add a lot of life
regeneration and the extra endurance charge on a corrupted pair of Kaom's
Roots. These items cost 1-2 ex each so I didn't add them in the starting gear
section. I can add a endgame gear section with links to the items and prices.

Take note that you will not be able to do Shaper or Uber Elder with the
starter gear, but it will be good for up to T15 map bosses. It is a good lab
runner as well, taking almost no damage from traps with charges up.

Also, the PoB code I have linked is with a 5-linked armor. This is also why
we add the Ancestral Warchief totem for extra damage against bosses.

2. Lion's Roar is mainly a damage flask for this build, but it also adds some
defense. Notice that the mitigation is only with all endurance charges up,
the build is 100% dependent on having them running all the time.
[3.4] Farrul's Hybrid Blade Vortex Trickster - view-thread/2125255
[3.4] Consecrated Path Dual Nebuloch Juggernaut - view-thread/2236076
Kitty's Guide On Post Formatting - view-thread/1913874
I'm trying to figure out why you gain so much damage per endurance charge with your build in PoB. Can you clue me in?
Completed 14 ChallengesVenionz wrote:
I'm trying to figure out why you gain so much damage per endurance charge with your build in PoB. Can you clue me in?

the damage per endurance charge comes from two different sources.

1) the Nebuloch maces

2) Juggernaut ascendancy Unyielding
Thank you for adding the leveling section, that was very helpful.

If I don't care about leveling super fast, is it ok to start using Consecrated Path around level 30 instead of staying with Sunder?

I enjoy having access to my end game skill as early as possible.

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