The Harbinger Skill Effects

If only the righteous fire in game would look more like actual flames instead of a static circle that moves.
Avarice711 wrote:
fix your servers please

it's not their servers, funnily enough. It's the backends that're messed up, once again. Elements/Weather are/is not being nice.

The lag is not tied to /exclusively/ this game.
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They all look great. My favorite armour set to use most leagues is Arcane Lightning which goes well with these sorts of blue skill effects.

Would like to see a Harbinger Portal sometime (like the one at end of Beachhead) - still kind of surprised that wasn't the 36 challenge reward in Harbinger league.
WHERE ARE MY SUMMON MANNEQUIN ?! It's on the Wiki but not on this site
Just in time! :D
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Romulas19 wrote:
wish their was an MTX for Molten Strike
Molten Strike MTX plox.

The RF looks pretty cool but I'm still too much a dirty hipster to ever play RF again.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
where is either the harbinger or celestial blade vortex.
deadunion wrote:
Reusing content, to claim as new content.

Where did they claim these are new?

GGG said they’ve been released - and, well, they have been.
New zombie skin and golems please!

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