The Harbinger Skill Effects

Really want to see a Molten Strike skill effect. This theme probably wouldn't work but in the Automoton theme it would be amazing
Le Toucan Will Return
Oh come the heck ON!

No flamedash? Really?
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I don’t know man, looks cool but kinda lazy...I understand GGG.
wooooo convocation mtx !!
Real talk, can we have have celestial herald actually work for herald of purity? The character effect on HoP is hideous.

Or like make vanishing dye work on it? At least let us turn it black or something. I need the ugly blurry light armlets gone. Please.
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japaloco wrote:
Lol where is the flame dash?


I mean, it took them a year to just patch up existing cosmetic effects they had so that players can buy them (they aren't new at all) and yet we still don't get ALL of them?

It's minimal work for getting a lot of MTX cash. GGG has me scratching my head here.
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I_NO wrote:
look like an intern made these lol

whoa, take it easy 39
Another pack of sucky looking color skins. Yawn~
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Where have I seen that before?
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