The Harbinger Skill Effects

By reading "click here to get yours" i really tought that it was a gift, but sadly was just a click bait
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Oh damn! ._.
cries in Molten Strike
Yes! More, more, more blue mtx I'm trowing up from so much purple.
japaloco wrote:
Lol where is the flame dash?

this x10000
I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Betrayal is bad
Delve is good
Synthesis is a buggy, tedious, and unrewarding mess
How long ago was harbinger league? A year?

I don't understand GGG's Logic, because there's for certain someone out there who's been suffering all this time just stewing in their frustration that these effects were never made available. Right there in front of you, just out of reach.

Angry that ggg simply won't flick the switch and make them available. For no reason.
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.
Why did we make Storm call, but with edges? It looks almost exactly the same. Why not follow a different theme for it? Automoton would have been great, celestial would have been great, but harbinger? It's not different enough from the base skill.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is new storm call effect !
When are we getting some Molten Strike mtx?!
And now, we just need the fitting armour for those skills on sale, something like... a Harbinger Armour Skin. Oh, wait... that was centuries ago. A bit late, don't you think?
Romulas19 wrote:
I like the RF look, wish their was an MTX for Molten Strike

Yeah, great new Harbinger skill effects! I wish there were a Harbinger Molten Strike effect as well!

A side note: Will there ever be the Aul, the Crystal King's armour set available? It looks too awesome not to be purchasable!

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