[3.5] Hopeshredder Scourge Arrow | Fast beefy Mapper | Deathless Uber Elder (5M+ Shaper DPS)

1. Blood Rate itself does not proc CWDT-IC. It never did. Soul of Arakaali recovery rate is dependent on phrasing "if you've stopped taking damage over time recently".

So what happens is you get hit -> cwdt-ic procs -> you stop taking damage from blood rage for a split second -> recovery rate buff procs. So you always have the buff when you need it. You don't need the recovery until you get hit.

2. As for second question, depends what you mean. If you are having hard time with making it in time, try getting better mv speed boots. Transitioning to bubonics might be good idea. Also plugging unnatural instinct instead of right side meek will give you quite a bit extra movement speed. But obviously it's pricy. Phase Run isn't a bad idea tho as well, if you can afford socket/s (inc dura) for it.

If you meant that you can't shoot through doorways, well that's quirk of scourge arrow. Phase Run indeed seems like a decent idea, until you transition to the version with Rain of Arrows.
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I see a lot of people running this build don't use ROA at all, is Scourge Arrow enough for clear and single target at the same time?
Hello! Got two question about the build. Would it make a good/decent league starter?
And also, when should i make the swap from RoA to SA?

Thanks for a amazing guide!
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Hi all,

Im a bit stuck with this build. I can clean every map pretty easily, but t15-16 bosses are pretty hard, because they 1shot me.

How should i improve my build? Im thinkin about changing boots to cap resist buy i think i will lose decent damage and thats pretty bad for killing bosses isnt it?

The thing is that in order to improve my build i have to expend a lot of exalt in every piece, exalts that i dont have tho.

Kind regards and thank for the guide.
This build has more than enough damage to tackle every piece of content available, so you should definitely prioritize resistances and life.

Even at 7500 life I can almost be one shot at rippy guardian bosses. :(
So with the recent nerf to slayer leech, is this still i viable choice? Or is more worth going full ranger instead of going scion?
The biggest issue is the hopeshredder self damage probably. If you move for more than 5 seconds without hitting anything, you will start to degen.
I don't understand if "half value" for scion means that we would start to degen after 2.5 seconds.
rip ascendant overleech?

specially due to our reliance on it to outregen self damage

with this in mind, would you consider going slayer instead of scion? or drop the leech mechanic altogether and invest (heavily) in regen? or does the build stay the same but invest instead into increasing the maximum recovery per leech cap? or does the build not change?
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Ey mate i love ur build, but with nerf on slayer ascendant, it will be viable?, can do you make a updated for the new version of 3.6 with all changes please? thank you so much!!.
Hopeshredder will now be too clunky imo. You can still make this build work with rare bows though. They were (double dmg, flat damage per frenzies and multimodded) already much better than hopeshredder. But it's gonna be a lot more expensive to start up. Unless alts will be very cheap but I doubt it.
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