[3.5] Starter....haha ya right. Dead.

your links look plenty fine.
are you having issues with single target damage? the single target damage for DoT builds will always feel slower but the damage im getting is actually quite good when compared to my molten striker which PoB suggests has 3m dps.

for single target i just spam toxic rain but also always make sure there is a CA puddle under their feet at all times. thats basically all you can do.
drop your withered touch/wither totem and boom.

edit: ya im going to further optimize this build i think. my molten striker is i think better, but it takes about 10x more currency to get better.

i have a chest that gives recovery on kill, which is better for delving by a mile, and makes it absolutely fine. now i just have to find a spot to socket a jewel to give chance to blind on hit to have higher uptime on the 95% evade. if i can handle that, then i could actually drop grace and run a different ring. i'll tinker around with it.

also the damage is actually really good. probably about the exact same as my molten striker when its ramped up. like the belfry boss, both chars phase him in the same time, but its easy to do as TR because you can ramp up the pods and have them waiting.
so its like the peak dps is the same, but TR takes more time to build up to its peak dps, by placing all the pods down
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Im currently running PF with Toxic Rain scaling DoT. The damage seems fine and all but i had trouble doing Red Elder (especially the portal phase) shaper died half way through and I didnt complete the quest. Im going to try again once i've leveled up 1 or 2 more levels.

I'm not sure what upgrades should i go next. Options are:-
1) Better Eva helm with -9% chaos resist to nearby enemies with high life rolls
2) 2 abyssal socket Tombfist and Bubonic Trail for more sockets.\
3) 6L chest with either CA or a TR with withering touch support.
4) Impresence for more damage
5) Belt with %increase chaos damage
6) 2 %increase chaos damage rings instead of thief's torment. (will have trouble with HP sustain)
7) GG jewel/abyssal jewels with damage + life + attack speed

I would love some of your input Tq. Current budget 3.5 ex ish.

Im running fine atm. Shaper, guardians no problem. Mine at lvl 280+ is little bit tricky, but's it ok. What do you think about a better bow like "more damage" and "socketed gems +2"?

And - is "Concentrated Effect Support" better for bosses or not? According to tooltip is with COE more chaos dmg then "Efficacy Support", but it doesnt feel better...
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im not sure about other bows. its possible they could be better but you'd have to have a very good bow. the cost of it would be pretty damn high compared to just a quill rain, so im not sure it would be worth it.

conc effect, as you say the tooltip dps is better but it doesn't feel as good because of the smaller aoe and because the pods won't last as long. i did try it, i stopped using it.

to make delve feel better its best to run a chest that has % life recovery on kill instead of the kaom's. this is the one i run

im looking to divine it up a bit. can get over 100 flat life and max 17% increased life.
How do you keep your mana up. I cant seem to find it in your build how you keep your mana at a decent level.

Thanks for any help!
sorry just noticing this post. ya this build is blood magic. no mana.

when leveling, i basically rush to blood magic. before then you can just use a mana potion.
Any idea what other quiver can be changed to this (which is in the build)? Or not worth all the same? Sorry for my english.
any quiver with life and resistances that you need.

I am writing from my old PC forum acc because sadly Xbox doesn't have an option to link an acc. Long story short I just wanted to let you know your build (after a few revamps) is in top3 of delve on Xbox going solo - my GT is QinLie. After getting 94lv on my own build I wanted to try other things and in the end I chose your build because it's a really solid one. I can't talk about leveling because I respec but in my opinion for content beside high level delve Kaoms Heart < Belly of the Beast. I have 6l BotB QotF and Kaoms Heart - after testing for Shaper and Uber Elder Belly is the best because of faster healing. I use CwDT in helmet (for it to be funny it's almost the same as yours) and CA in 6L chest because dmg with TR is enough in Delve.

For lower level delves I found Belly + Bloodgrip being very solid combo for your build (I changed items so many times I will just list the best ones in my opinion) because you are almost instantly full hp when hit. Amulet - marble amulet either crafted with essence of envy or abberant fossil, quiver - sharktooth arrow quiver because of live gained on hit - with our AS from Quill it make a difference.

Ideal chest for this build would be 6l Belly with corruption +2 to duration gems and put TR into that - trying to get it but until now got +2 aura gems.

Anyway once again thank you for posting this build - it's very solid one and anyone can make it into their own one. First time I found Blood Magic build so funny, tanky and cheap to play.
oh very cool. thanks for posting.

ya i've stopped playing this build, but i really didn't push to optimize it very much. the quiver, amulet rings belt etc were all stuff i got while leveling and like i said never thought to optimize it.

very neat how you were able to customize and optimize it to such a solid state.

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